Johnny Gat returns in Agents of Mayhem as pre-order DLC

Johnny Gat returns in Agents of Mayhem as pre-order DLC

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The brash and sarcastic fan favourite trigger-man from the Saints Row series is to appear in Agents of Mayhem, developer Volition has announced.

The actual story reasons for how and why Johnny Gat has made his way back to Seoul for the open-world action game spin-off are about as ridiculous as the man himself. Something about getting God to retcon the Earth and the entirety human existence? Something about preventing death? Really, who cares though, the series is bonkers enough anyway. Just know he’s there to shoot and blow up everything in his sight.

To play as Johnny, though, you’ll have to pre-order Agents of Mayhem from retailers or from Steam on PC. That’ll give you his unlock mission and personal mission, plus a vehicle, character and weapon skin. Other pre-order bonuses include the worryingly-titled ‘Legal Action Pending’ skin pack and another agent named Lazarus.

Agents of Mayhem will be released on August 15th in the US and August 18th in other territories for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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