Fortnite to launch in Early Access July 25th

Fortnite to launch in Early Access July 25th

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After six years in development, Epic Games has finally announced that Fortnite will launch as an Early Access title on July 25th.

In Fortnite, players gather resources, collect loot, craft items and build defences in order to fight off hordes of monsters. You’ll team up with others to explore the world and construct massive forts to bunker down in during attacks. Combat offers a range of weapons: from katanas and gatling guns to sniper rifles and explosive traps. It all looks gloriously silly.

The thing is, though, back in 2011 the idea of a co-op third-person action and sandbox survival game mashup seemed hugely relevant with the immense popularity of Minecraft and Terraria. Now, the landscape is vastly different. Will that interest and excitement carry over?

If it does, Founders Packs will be made available for players wanting to try out Fortnite while in Early Access. A pre-order will grant you access to the game from July 21th in addition to a whole host of bonus weapons, loot and in game boosts. Fortnite will eventually launch as a free-to-play title 2018 for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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