Tom Holland lands Uncharted lead: Spider-Man is Nathan Drake!

Tom Holland lands Uncharted lead: Spider-Man is Nathan Drake!

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Tom Holland, swinging onto our screens very shortly as Peter Parker in Spider-Man: Homecoming, has landed another plum role; Nathan Drake.

The hero of the Uncharted series of computer games is one of the most iconic characters in modern gaming. His endless charm, bad luck and hard travelling exploits are a ridiculously satisfying play experience and the upcoming DLC, The Lost Legacy, looks set to cleverly expand the universe to focus on some of Nathan’s fellow rogues.

Deadline reports that Sony Pictures Chief Tom Rothman ordered the do-over following a trial screening of the latest cut of Homecoming. He’s obviously very impressed with Holland and wants to lock the young actor into another big money franchise. That’s good news for very nearly everyone and Holland certainly has the comedy chops and physicality for the role.

That being said, it’s a real shame we won’t get Elena Fisher without a pretty drastic retooling of the source material. One of Uncharted’s best elements, Fisher is a no-nonsense journalist who starts off as one of Nate’s clients and ends up sharing a life of adventure with him. She’s massive fun and without her, there’s a lot of work to be done to make this fly.

Reportedly, the movie will expand the Uncharted 3 sequence where Nate first meets his partner and surrogate father Victor ‘Sully’ Sullivan, which does open up another possibility. We hear Nathan Fillion, who in a kinder universe got to play Drake, looks awfully good in Sully-style Hawaiian shirts…

More word, as ever, when we get it.

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