Neill Blomkamp Releases Teaser for Oats Studios Volume 1

Neill Blomkamp Releases Teaser for Oats Studios Volume 1

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Check out this teaser, pulled straight from the ‘We Did Not Know We Needed This BUT WE NEED THIS SO BADLY’ File.

It’s the new project from Neill Blomkamp, best known for Elysium, Chappie and District 9. Blomkamp is one of the most extraordinary visual directors working right now and his films are never less than fascinating to look at. While sometimes the scripts don’t quite measure up there’s always an interesting new idea, always a unique approach.

Now, especially with his Alien sequel apparently permanently dry docked, Blomkamp is back with Oats Studios 1. The idea is to release a series of short films, usually free and via YouTube. The successful ones will be looked at for expansion into movies and there’ll also be extra content, including special effects elements, available for purchase.

The details are still being ironed out but honestly, if all we get is Blomkamp releasing free short movies then that’s still a hell of a thing. More details as we get it, and you can follow the Oats Studios twitter here.

Source: EW 

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