HTC unveils standalone Vive VR headset using Google’s Daydream

HTC unveils standalone Vive VR headset using Google’s Daydream

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Fresh from the news that it will use mobile phone-style financing to help combat the initial high cost of a VR headset, HTC has also revealed it is also developing a standalone virtual reality headset running on the Google’s Daydream platform.

This new category of VR devices won’t need a phone or PC to power them, and the idea is that they’ll be easy to use, comfortable and – obviously – immersive. Everything needed to provide portable VR will be built right into the headset.

The announcement was made at Google’s I/O developer event, where HTC confirmed that the first Vive standalone headsets for the Daydream platform will be available later this year. So now we don’t have long to wait until Vive does away with those cables and high-quality VR (sorry Google Cardboard!) finally gets unplugged.

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