Blame! Netflix movie was inspired by a cameo appearance

Blame! Netflix movie was inspired by a cameo appearance

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Polygon has a really interesting piece about the new Netflix version of Blame! and how it came to be. Originally published 20 years ago, Blame! is the story of Killy, a gunslinger looking for people with a special genetic trait that allows them to control the killer robots swarming over the Earth. It’s epic stuff, set in a colossal, endlessly growing city and the Netflix version is a great on-ramp for both the series as a whole and the work of creator Tsutomu Nihei.

Nihei is also behind the original Knights of Sidonia, which Netflix adapted. There’s a throwaway gag in one episode where the characters, in the anime, are watching an anime. In fact, they’re watching Blame! The little salute to Nihei’s previous work was so well received that it led to discussions which, in turn, led to Blame! 

It’s not only a lovely story but it’s also indicative of just how open Netflix is to new ideas. Both Knights of Sidonia and Blame! are streaming now, and are absolutely worth your time. Now, who do we need to talk to, to get a Mr Benn cameo in another Netflix show…

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