Animaniacs Reboot InThe Works

Animaniacs Reboot InThe Works

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The phrase ‘Best American Cartoon Ever’ doesn’t get bandied around often and when it does, it’s usually mentioned in connection with Samurai Jack or Batman: The Animated Series. Both of those are very, very strong contenders but if you were awarding the title on sheer exuberant intelligent fun? No contest, Animaniacs all the way. See?

An anthology series centered on Wakko, Yakko and Dot the Warner Brothers and Sister, Animaniacs was whip smart, massively odd and immensely, relentless funny. Now, IndieWire are reporting a reboot is underway. The show hit US Netflix last year and has been doing very well there, which, along with the general tidal wave of ’90s nostalgia right now, has led to the project getting underway.

It won eight Emmys, remains fondly remembered by fans and cast alike and is even already, sort of, back. There are regular live shows in the US with full orchestra which look brilliant judging by this sizzle reel.

No word on a home for the new show yet, but the project is young. And somewhere, deep in the labs of an animated city, a pair of mice begin to plot once again…

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