Batman & Harley Quinn Trailer Arrives (0)

The trailer for DC’s next animated movie, Batman & Harley Quinn is here and signals a very definite change of pace. After the catastrophically bad adaptation of The Killing Joke,

Animaniacs Reboot InThe Works (0)

The phrase ‘Best American Cartoon Ever’ doesn’t get bandied around often and when it does, it’s usually mentioned in connection with Samurai Jack or Batman: The Animated Series. Both of

Wonder Woman’s Amazon Athletes Talk Training, Battle And Warrior Life (0)

We’re just under 24 hours from Wonder Woman arriving in UK cinemas and advance word is very good. A big part of the film’s success seems to be director Patty

Millie Bobby Brown And Evan Rachel Wood Talk Good Auditions, Acting And Awesomeness (0)

Here’s the Eleven/Dolores team up you didn’t know you needed. Stranger Things‘ Millie Bobby Brown and

Godzilla Vs Kong Finds Its Director (0)

Or should that be referee? The giant monster shared universe that Warner Bros and Legendary are

Supergirl S02E22 “Nevertheless, She Persisted” REVIEW (0)

Season 2 finale >>>

Paddington 2 Teaser trailer arrives, causes delightful mayhem (0)

Hugh Laurie with a sword cane?

Preacher Season 2 featurette promises violence, mania, excellent parasols and New Orleans (0)

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