The Force Awakens’ Billie Lourd Cast In American Horror Story Season 7

The Force Awakens’ Billie Lourd Cast In American Horror Story Season 7

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We’ve been enjoying American Horror Story more and more over the last couple of years. The ridiculous exuberance of the previous season especially, which ended up being 3 (4? Maybe 5?) TV shows in one AND a really interesting story AND a massive expansion and connection of the shared world the seasons all take place in was great.

Next season, producer Ryan Murphy has confirmed, will be set in the immediate aftermath of the US Presidential Elections. We think there’s a non zero chance this particular run of American Horror Story may fall flat on its face but this is a show with absolutely zero quit in it so you know even if it fails it’s going to be interesting. Plus Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters have been confirmed as leads and that’s always good news.

Now they’ve been joined by Billie Lourd, Variety reports. Already a Murphy alum thanks to her work on Scream Queens, Lourd is of course the late great Carrie Fisher’s daughter and had a small roll in The Force Awakens. She’s great, she gets Murphy’s style and we’re really interested to see who she’s playing this season. Although if we’re honest? We think io9 have got it right and she’s been cast as Ivanka Trump. So is Paulson Hilary Clinton? Is Peters Trump?! We’ll have to wait and see.

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