Fear The Walking Dead Season 3 Premiere Date Confirmed

Fear The Walking Dead Season 3 Premiere Date Confirmed

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The Walking Dead‘s prequel/spinoff show, Fear The Walking Dead finished it’s second season with a strong two part finale that saw the family torn apart and Nick in the world of trouble at the US/Mexico border. We can now reveal that the first half of season 3, consisting of eight episodes will air on 5 June on the AMC Channel and the first episode will be simulcast for free on BT Showcase in the UK. Better still, the first two and last two episodes will air back-to-back and the premiere duo will air simultaneously with the US Premiere.


It promises to be a great season too. As well as Nick and Luciana having to deal with the US militia group who ambushed them on the border we’ve got Madison and Travis reconnecting at the best and worst possible time. Also Strand finally getting his feet back under him, Ofelia being held captive and Alicia, as usual, being the series designated adult.

In addition, the new series adds Daniel Sharman and Sam Underwood as well as Sons of Anarchy‘s Dayton Callie. They’ll play the Otto family, the founders of a survivalist organization who anticipated the fall of democracy but not the rise of the dead. Also joining the cast is Lisandra Tena as Lola Guerrero. More on her and the other new characters as we get it.

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