Cosplay Talent Agency KOSPRE Launches

Cosplay Talent Agency KOSPRE Launches

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Having someone in costume to help promote a brand at an event isn’t necessarily a new concept. But having a talent agency catered specifically for cosplayers shows just how far the hobby has come.

KOSPRE is a new cosplay talent agency that launched last month. Based in Los Angeles, California, the agency has talented and creative cosplay artists that are available to support exhibitors at film premieres, conventions, trade shows, corporate and cultural events, concerts and pop culture gatherings around the world.

“I started the licensed agency to help cosplay artists, elevate them to the next professional level,” said Reiko Kondo, the founder and CEO of KOSPRE. “Cosplay is getting bigger and bigger internationally. But I think it’s still hard to find licensed agencies.”

“Cosplay offers a vital means to bring a brand to life and its application reinforces enthusiasm and passion for a particular property and also offers a fun way for fans and visitors to ‘interact’ with a live character,” said Reiko. “Creativity is at the core of cosplay and KOSPRE was founded as a means to bring talented artists together and offer a means for them to pursue their passion professionally and for many different types of clients to explore how a custom-tailored cosplay presentation can add a unique aspect to support their brand or project.”

There are eight cosplay artists on the site at the moment. These include Risa Light, Anastasia, Bowbat, Courtney, IchigoKitty, Niicakes, Jane and Taka. However, KOSPRE state that they have a far-reaching network of artists worldwide. “We would like to sign more cosplay artists all over the world,” said Reiko, citing how they should be “experienced and very creative. We sign selective cosplay artists using our network.”

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