Brendan Fraser Joins Condor

Brendan Fraser Joins Condor

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While Tom Cruise may be the Mummy’s latest opponent, Brendan Fraser remains our go to Mummy Puncher. If you’ve not seen The Mummy, The Mummy Returns and…well…yeah The Mummy: Tomb Of The Dragon Emperor is fun too, then go and check them out now. Starring Fraser, Rachel Weisz, Agents of SHIELD’s John Hannah, Oded Fehr and Maria Bello they are gloriously fun, funny action adventure movies.

They’re also pretty much the peak of Fraser’s career, which is a shame as we’ve always had a lot of time for the chap. Thankfully, it seems we’re not alone. Audience Network announced a little while ago that they’ll be adapting classic ’70s thriller Three Days Of The Condor for TV. The lead will e played by Mira Sorvino who is another one of those performers who always turns in great work. Now, she’s being joined by Fraser.

Flickering Myth report that Fraser has signed on to play a character called Nathan Fowler. Here’s the write up:

“an unstable yet efficient central cog in an unholy alliance between the private military company that employs him and the CIA. He’s motivated by his hatred of radical Islam, but also by his inner child’s desire to win the approval of his war-hero father. Nathan is redeemed by his fierce love for his daughter, but that relationship and his fanaticism are on a collision course.”

That sounds like a chewy, difficult role and the perfect chance for Fraser to show off his straight acting abilities. He’s one of cinema’s great overlooked leading men (The Passion of Darkly Noon and Gods And Monsters both prove that) and we’d love to see him get the credit he deserves. And maybe punch a Mummy or two for old times sake too.

No word on a release for Condor yet but we’ll let you know when we have it.

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