BBC Release Even More Stills For Doctor Who Season 10

BBC Release Even More Stills For Doctor Who Season 10

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Not quite as many as last time but we’ve got a nice batch here thanks to DoctorWhoNews, with some fun returning monsters as well as some just beautiful looking new ones. The weird water glass hybrid lady looks amazing. Also old school Cybermen for the win! But here’s the thing; why are they old school? Why haven’t they evolved? Could we be looking at an episode set around the time as their first appearance? Not long to wait to find out now.


We were disappointed with the Ice Warrior redesign in Cold War. This is MUCH better. Also way scarier.

Woooooo! Misty’s back! And clearly in the TARDIS. There is no way this will end well.

Old School! Look at how clunky they are. We can’t wait to see the explanation for this.

We have no idea what or who this is. We do know this is an amazing effect.

Our first instinct here was ‘…Gallifrey?’. But those look a lot like old fashioned British Army redcoats in the background. Interesting…

Is that a practical effect?! Because it looks like one and if so it’s amazingly good. Either way we’re always up for a good alien dog lizard.

And we have no idea what this terrifying little chap is but we’ll find out soon. Find the other pictures at DoctorWhoNews and join us back here on 15 April when Doctor Who returns.

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