Marvel’s Agents Of SHIELD S04E11 “Wake Up” REVIEW (0)

Everyone’s acting oddly >>>

Brendan Fraser Joins Condor (0)

While Tom Cruise may be the Mummy’s latest opponent, Brendan Fraser remains our go to Mummy Puncher. If you’ve not seen The Mummy, The Mummy Returns and…well…yeah The Mummy: Tomb

Dwayne Johnson Prepares For A Jungle Cruise (0)

Dwayne Johnson officially can’t get enough of punching large animals. The Hollywood Reporter revealed that fresh off Jumanji and about to start work on Rampage and Skyscraper (No large animals

Westworld’s Shannon Woodward Confirms She’s In The Last Of Us Part II (0)

Shannon Woodward’s Elsie Hughes was one of our favourite parts of Westworld. The laconic, pragmatic technician