Amazing Array Of Writers Sign On For Star Wars: From A Certain Point Of View (0)

This is an early frontrunner for coolest project of 2017. From A Certain Point Of View is an anthology of Star Wars short fiction with an astounding list of authors

Carrie Fisher Will Appear In Star Wars Episode IX (0)

Carrie Fisher will appear in Star Wars Episode IX as revealed by The Hollywood Reporter. Todd Fisher, her brother and Billie Lourd, her daughter have given permission for footage shot

Meet Bill Potts, The Doctor’s New Companion (0)

BBC America have just tweeted the following video giving us just a smidge more info on Bill. We’re especially interested in Capaldi’s line about how taken the Doctor is with

BUZZ WORDS: How A Call Of Duty Movie Universe Could Work (0)

Activision’s co-presidents sat down with The Guardian this week to talk about how plans for their

New HBO Ads Give Us First Look At The Stark Children Ready For War (0)

HBO have released not one but three ridiculously charming promo videos for their original programming. Patron Saint