New Trailer For The Mummy Is Released (0)

And the Brendan Fraser, Rachel Weisz and Oded Fehr cameos are being kept under wraps so well! …sigh… While we miss the old crew an awful lot there’s some stuff

Pearl Mackie Confirms Bill Potts Will Be First Gay Doctor Who Companion (0)

Pearl Mackie has announced in an interview with the BBC that her character Bill, who will be one of two companions aboard the TARDIS when the show returns in TWO! WEEKS! along

New Trailer For Annabelle: Creation (0)

There are a few names that are on our ‘No, Go See This Regardless Of What It Is’ list. Anthony LaPaglia and Miranda Otto are two of those names. They’re

New Trailer For Mindgamers Starring Sam Neill, Tom Payne and Dominique Tipper (0)

Every now and then a movie comes out of nowhere with an amazing cast, an interesting

Power Rangers FILM REVIEW (0)

The evils of product placement >>>

The Void FILM REVIEW (0)

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