War Comes To The Planet Of The Apes In New Trailer

War Comes To The Planet Of The Apes In New Trailer

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We’re a big fan of pleasant surprises, and the way the Planet Of The Apes movies have continually riffed on their classic predecessors while doing something entirely new definitely counts as one. These are bleak stories, told with a grounded, pragmatic approach that has always matched the cutting edge CGI and motion capture to top class acting. So much so that there are points in this trailer in particular where you stop going ‘Oh look, that’s a great special effect!’ and start wondering how long it took them to train that ape to help reload a machine gun.

What really impresses us about this new movie though is just how bleak it is. There’s a clear implication that the virus is evolving to destroy higher human brain functions and even if it isn’t,  the newly barbaric soldiers and Woody Harrelson’s character in particular are taking humanity down that road anyway. On top of all that, the weight of history is pressing down on Caesar and his position as one part Jesus, one part General Patton to the ape population looks to really be taking a toll. If we had to guess, we’d suspect this may be his last ride. If it isn’t, that’s certainly getting closer. Much like the Planet of the Apes itself…


War For The Planet Of The Apes is released 14 July.

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