Venom Movie To Be Start Of Shared Universe, May Be R-Rated

Venom Movie To Be Start Of Shared Universe, May Be R-Rated

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It’s easy to forget, in this three-MCU-movies year, that other companies have the rights to the Marvel characters. While Sony has had less than stellar luck with its more recent Marvel movies, its co-produced Spider-Man: Homecoming with Marvel looks very promising. But, Sony being a company and companies liking money, it has plans for its own comics output too.

Collider reports that the recently confirmed Venom movie, which is set for a 5 October 2018 release, is just the start of its plans. Written by Dante Harper, whose work will next be seen on screens with Alien: Covenant, it’s set to be an R-rated movie and the kickoff for Sony’s own shared universe of Marvel movies.

That’s both good news, and, maybe, bad. The R certificate seems to be the questing beast of superhero movies in the wake of Deadpool but it’s no promise of quality. That comes from a good script, a good director and the right production choices. That’s what happened with Deadpool and Logan there’s at least some sign of it with Venom. The project has been in development for years (Life’s Reese and Wernick wrote a draft) and it’s hopeful that the studio is now happy enough to set a launch date.

Plus, it says interesting things about the studio’s plans. Chris Yost, the writer of Thor: Ragnarok, is writing a Black Cat & Silver Sable movie for the same universe as Venom. All three are Spider-Man supporting characters so it’s more than a little odd to spin a character’s rogues’ gallery off into their own movies but there are plenty of good stories to tell with them. Black Cat is a cat burglar and occasional heroine; Silver Sable is a female mercenary and gun for hire with a complicated past; and Venom is an alien parasite with a fiercely developed sense of right and wrong and the fangs to enforce that sense on the world. They all have potential, we’ll just have to wait and see if that potential is helped or hindered by being a mite swearier than normal.

Venom is due for release 5 October 2018. Black Cat & Silver Sable has yet to be given a release date. We’ll up date you as we know more.


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