Vanity Fair Releases First Official Pics of Alicia Vikander As Lara Croft

Vanity Fair Releases First Official Pics of Alicia Vikander As Lara Croft

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One of the things we love about this job is the way that sometimes a project will go dark for a while and you’ll forget about it. Then, out of nowhere, sudden information!

That’s the case with the stills Vanity Fair released yesterday from the set of the new Tomb Raider movie. They show Alicia Vikander in full costume and, as proud owners of a couple of hundred horrific deaths in the 2013 reboot game, they make us very happy. Take a look.

As you can see this is very definitely the post-reboot Lara Croft. One of the 2013 game’s best features was just how gnarly it got. Even if you ducked the countless horrific ways Lara could die, every hit, fall, jump and climb felt wrenching and physical. Judging by the way her leg and wrist are wrapped here, that’s clearly something the movie’s embraced and we’re really glad to see it. Every victory you got in that game felt earned, and if that’s been translated to the movie then we’re in for something pretty special.

The other element of the reboot that worked brilliantly was the way it explored Lara’s fundamental tenacity. She’s TOUGH in every single way and this shot gives you a good idea of that. The iconic climbing axe is there, as is the bow and arrows. This is a story about Lara Croft becoming Lara Croft, not just searching for her father but discovering her calling. Vikander, who has been effortlessly good in everything she’s appeared in to date (not to mention terrifying in Ex Machina) is absolutely the right choice for the role and we can’t wait to see the movie.

Tomb Raider is released next year and stars Vikander, Daniel Wu, Dominic West and Walton Goggins.


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