Out Of The Box: Candysan Review

Out Of The Box: Candysan Review

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With autumn becoming colder and colder by the day, the need to leave your house where it’s warm and comfy is being thrown out the window. Ever so slowly you are becoming a recluse, but the desire for Japanese snacks is beckoning you. No need to worry, as with a few clicks of your mouse you can receive some yummy sweet and savoury snacks to your doorstep with the help of Candysan.

Created in August 2010, Candysan is a Japanese company based in Tokyo. They offer two different types of boxes you can choose from to get a taste of Japan.

There is the Snack Pack at £21which consists of 15 savory Japanese snacks selected from a huge range of different authentic Japanese brands. Then there is the Discovery Box (which we were sent), containing up to 20 different sweet and savory snacks at just £26.

Each pack is uniquely made so you can try a wide range of Japanese snacks each time. This also means a lot of the snacks are seasonal, and you can gain some real nice treats. Some products are exclusive to the Snack Pack and are not sold individually; an incentive to ordering a box instead of individual items.

A huge bonus to the boxes is that the shipping costs are included. And they are definitely worth their money, with each item being less than £1.50.  Again you will be getting exclusive items and seasonal goodies too.


Pure Watermelon Jelly & Strawberry Chocolate Wafer Fish

The watermelon jellies were one of my favourite items from the box. They were extremely strong in flavour, slightly on the hard side, coated with a fizzy sugar that gave a little zing to the sweets.

As for the strawberry chocolate wafer, like many Japanese chocolates, I was not a fan. The wafer itself was cute, and you do feel like you’re eating some form of traditional treat, but the chocolate tasted cheap and nasty – not nice at all.


Matcha Green Tea Baked Chocolate

Although it goes against everything I have said about Japanese chocolate, for once I really enjoyed trying this. I am a bit of a Matcha Green Tea fan (give me everything green tea flavoured please!), but to bake it in chocolate… I had never heard of it before. It was crispy, slightly bitter and dry, yet once it hit your tongue it was super creamy and tasty.


Ramune Fizz Tablets & Choco Big Bar Z

By now the creamy texture yet refreshing taste of Ramune on my palate is something I am used to, but what I am not used to is mixing chalk textured tablets with water to create a slightly fizzy drink. It was fun and yummy. And if you’re a rebel like me, sucking one of the tablets instead of diluting with water brings a whole new sensation! The Choco Big Z Bar reminded me of a slightly dry and crisp Chorro. Not going to lie, it was pretty tasty.


Torotto Baked Chocolate

We have previously reviewed this product, and although it’s a weird texture and taste at first, I can honestly say the taste has grown on us. One thing I really do recommend is that you have one or two of these with a cup of tea, coffee, or some form of creamy hot drink; it accompanies it really well.


Hello Kitty Prawn Crackers

When you hear of ‘prawn crackers’, you probably think of the crackers you get from your Chinese take-away. But these are true rice crackers with a prawn flavouring. When you open the packet the smell is extremely strong and very ‘in-your-face’. But when eaten as a savoury snack they are light and very delicious.


Peach Foam strips, Grape Popping Candyfloss & Sour Apple Strip

As someone who likes to take food apart piece by piece, before eating the Peach Foam Strips, you are given tasks in the hopes you can achieve them before the sweet breaks. Taste wise they were super fruity and chewy, yet it was a lot more fun to try the tasks than to eat.

The Grape Popping Candyfloss is another item we have previously reviewed and it is still one I am completely baffled by. The popping candy is so intense it feels like your throat is filled with little explosions, and the grape flavour is overpowering but really tasty.

With the Sour Apple Strip I was reminded of the British “Fruit Winders” but extremely sour. Tasty, but you can feel the sugar entering your veins.


Cheese Flavoured Wafer Biscuits

The cheese in these were very subtle and not as strong as I was hoping for. In the end the biscuits were very dry. I was expecting a ‘Tuc’ kind of flavour to them, but there was more salt than anything else. They would be good as a snack with a sandwich, but on their own I didn’t find them that appetizing.


Fish Stock Flavoured Crisps

These crisps are the same kind of shape, texture and mind boggling experience as Cheesy Quaver crisps. But instead of cheese your tastebuds are greeted with a light fish stock flavour. Extremely more-ish and as a person who doesn’t like overbearing fishy tastes, this was a pleasant surprise.


Big Katsu

For those Japanese foodies out there, you will have heard of the Japanese Chicken Katsu Curry. Tender chicken in a crispy batter, covered in Katsu curry sauce. This savoury snack is chewy, crispy and tastes of the sweet katsu curry sauce and is in a handy bite size package.


Chocolate Pie

As it says on the packet, you are literally getting a baked chocolate pie. I feel this is more a fusion between a baked chocolate pastry from France or America, mixed with the cheap baked chocolate taste from Japan. It was flaky, and bitter; sadly not to my taste, though it could be eaten with a sweet beverage to make it better.


Lemon Chilli Potato Hoops

Best way to describe these are Hula-Hoop crisps, but wider and thinner. The bag was full to the top, something we don’t get in the UK anymore! At first the taste was very plain, just potato flavourings, but after the fifth one the burn of the chilli and the zesty lemon flavouring came through with a punch. Extremely tasty! I can see myself ordering some online pretty soon.


Aerial BBQ Crisps

These were such a surprise to eat. Flavour wise they were the taste of chargrilled veggies on a BBQ, really tasty. But the fun begins on their texture and shape. They are shaped like Shreddies and have three layers like a wafer crisp. When you crunch them in your mouth, they literally explode into little pieces spreading the flavour further.

There were a few other items in the box, both sweet and savoury which we will keep a secret. The box comes well secured, with fast delivery, and Candysan’s customer service is fast and efficient. One of the standout things I liked is that if you like any of the items in the box and want to order them separately, there is the option to create your own box and order a wide collection of Japanese food from their store, all at a reasonable price.

For more information about Candysan be sure to visit their website. You can also follow them on Facebook, TwitterInstagram and YouTube. A big thank you to Candysan for sending us a box to review.

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