Out Of The Box: Pipsticks Review

Out Of The Box: Pipsticks Review

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Being the crafty people we are, we were really excited about receiving a Pipsticks subscription box (envelope) which we noticed on their website consisted of cute, funny and entertaining stickers and stationary of all kinds. Let’s face it, who doesn’t like stickers?

A quote from their mission statement recites, “Pipsticks is a company founded on the idea that little things can make a big difference.” I truly believe that based on the singular package I received and from the many opening and unboxing videos found on YouTube. The creator of this amazing subscription service is Maureen, a mother of four and an avid sticker collector from her own days of youth. She works with her team to search far and wide so that there is an abundance of different stickers for all of her subscribers to enjoy. The website also includes Maureen’s blog where she introduces new stickers – a personal favourite entry would have to be the “Scratch & Sniff Stickers: 51 reasons to love the stink factory“.

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There are four subscriptions to choose from.

  • Pro Club Classic – For grown ups (with the inner child breaking out), this has 15+ sheets of stickers, one postcard and one quote card. This is only $14.96 (roughly £11.50).
  • Pro Club Petite – This has 7+ sheets of stickers, and one mini quote card at $9.95 (roughly £7.60).
  • Kid’s Club Classic – Being a mum and knowing the nature of collectors, Maureen also offers this subscription with 15+ sheets of stickers, one postcard and four sheets of craft paper at $14.96 (roughly £11.50).
  • Kid’s Club Petite The petite version consists of 7+ sheets of stickers and two sheets of craft paper at $9.95 (roughly £7.60).

The sticker packs are posted on the 15th of every month and are shipped free within the US, with an additional charge of $3 (roughly £2.30) for international customers. The subscription can be cancelled at any time.

Some of you might be thinking that these prices are a bit over the top for just stickers. But read on and you’ll realise how much thought and effort has gone behind the package they offer. We managed to receive items from Japan, Korea, China, and the U.S.


Holographic Flamingos

These cute little stickers feature an array of pink flamingos doing what flamingos do best. Surrounded by flowers and hearts, these stickers seem to reflect the latest trends in the fashion and design world.


Rabbit Girl & Pony Brown Heeda

These Korean branded stickers feature Rabbit Girl and her friends in a multitude of emotions, as well as the fashion conscious Heeda in her summer and fall outfits. These are delicate little stickers, perfect for scrap booking or just to prettify your surroundings. These are just a small number of stickers that are sourced from around the world. Past packages have also featured stickers from a multitude of countries.

IMG_2601 Dots & Stars

Great for filling spaces, marking dates in your planners or calendars, or just to make your letters look all snazzy and pretty. These dots and star stickers are great for everyday use. The stars are super thin and see-through, which is great for adding a different dimension to any piece of art or illustration


Fun Bundle

I’m completely smitten with the soldier sticker, he is standing there all proud and looks like a nutcracker. The sunflower and ice lolly stickers are glossy and great for the summer. Of course no sticker collection is complete without rainbows, as we all know rainbows make everything a thousand times better. The heart and cloud stickers are rough to the touch and extremely glittery – once you touch them, you will see glitter for days. Inside the gold leaf circle stickers is the word “YAY!” to keep your thoughts positive and to cheer you on for the day. Lastly the gold foil see-through rose sticker strip is one of my favourite parts of the package – this would look fantastic as a cover to a phone or a notebook.


Look Through The Window

These stiff see-through window stickers are absolutely adorable and a fantastic sticker for placing on top of those candid passport photos to give a little bit of style to a plain and strict photograph.


Titles, Ticket & Crazy Paper

The pink paper with random doodles all over it was a note from Maureen herself, which was gratefully recieved, but instead of wasting the paper you have the chance to use this in any of your creations and journals whilst collecting your stickers. The title stickers with scroll and banner frames are small enough to write a few words on but big enough to make a statement. As for the ticket, although you can use this in scrapbook making, you are asked to keep hold of the ticket as it is your free entry into a raffle, with the winning ticket announced in the next month’s newsletter.

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Inspiration Quote Card

I am a sucker for things with inspirational quotes or at least encouraging quotes. With so much negativity in the world, let a little bit of happiness be spread with some simple stationary. As the team state, “Little things make big differences.”

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DIY Postcard

This pretty, and ready to send, stamped postcard is free and open to your designs. Whether you want to send something special to a friend or family member, or even personalise your holiday by sending something hand drawn, or your own photograph, this is the perfect opportunity to do so.

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With subscription boxes popping up all over the world, there is always the worry that the ones offering something “different” will be exactly the same as others. I’m totally happy to say that Pipsticks is a completely different subscription service aimed at those who collect stickers, those who are crafty, or those who want to get back to the good ol’ days of hand written letters.

Within this package I felt there was a nice collection of stickers ranging from practical use to fun stickers for collecting. There is definitely a personal feeling with the package and the way it was presented was beautiful. Upon knowing that the company dealt with stickers, I didn’t think I would be receiving much at all. I was completely mistaken.

A huge thank you to Maureen and the Pipsticks team for all their fantastic communications and the opportunity to review their product for them. Please show your support by visiting their website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.


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