Out Of The Box: Cat Sticker Club Review

Out Of The Box: Cat Sticker Club Review

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There are a plethora of subscription services out on the world wide web, but every now and then something unique, cute and quirky will come along that takes us all by surprise. This is where Cat Sticker Club takes the prize for a subscription that is completely unique.

There is no question that on the internet the cat is king (or queen) of everything. From memes, videos, art and fashion. The furry critters have taken the world by storm and are now taking the sticker world under their little paws as well. Howard and Dilly are the cats behind the sticker club which is run by their owners Kelly and Mark, who work together to feature a collective of purr-fect (see what I did there?) artists and turn their creations into stickers that are shipped around the world.


They first featured freelance illustrator Jenny Tiffany as their first collaboration sticker artist. This was followed by Natelle Quek, who has the most amazing Etsy shop full of cute items. The third artist Santiago Taberna is based in Scotland and also has a unique style with the use of cats in all of his items. The fourth artist Kim Nieves explores a lot more than kittens in her illustrations. The fifth artist to feature their own cat inspired stickers was Andrea Altamirano, who has a huge collection of kawaii inspired items in her store, including some Spirited Away fan art.

The creator of the stickers that I recieved is the freelance illustrator and graphics designer Ma Alejandra Mayorga. The stickers are made of thick vinyl, and is titled “Male” with six cute and colourful kitties sporting multiple mischievous faces. It is really refreshing to see that Cat Sticker Club are actually referencing and promoting the artists of their stickers on their website; it’s not often that companies remember to thank or reference their artists should others want to see more work from the artists.


At just $4.50 (£3.50 including P&P to the UK) you will receive a featured artist Cat Sticker Club exclusive sticker sheet, which features cats of different types and a large sticker to show your support of the company. If you are interested in their previous stickers at all, you can check out their store and order the previous months stickers as well. One of the key points about Cat Sticker Club is that 10% of their profits are donated to American cat charities, shelters and rescues. Some of which they have supported already are House of DreamsAustin Pets Alive!Feline Friends of South Florida, and JerseyCats. What can be better than subscribing, getting some cute kitty stickers, and supporting feline charities?

If you’re interested in receiving monthly cat stickers, then be sure to visit the website and give Cat Sticker Club a little bit of love whilst showing your support to kitties taking over the world. A huge thank you to Kelly for arranging the stickers for me to review.

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