Mace Windu Lives!

Mace Windu Lives!

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Mace Windu is one of the best parts of Clone Wars-era Star Wars. Even moving aside the truckload of cool that being played by Samuel L. Jackson gives him, he’s a great character. He even has a great death scene, losing a hand and plummeting to the bottom of Coruscant following a force push from the soon-to-be Emperor and purveyor of Exceedingly Good Cakes, Senator Palpatine.

Or DID he?

Talking to THR, Samuel L Jackson has revealed that he believes his character survived. Better still he has pretty solid reasoning for it.

“Jedi can fall from amazing distances. And there’s a long history of one-handed Jedi. So why not?”

Why not indeed? He’s not alone either, with George Lucas apparently happy for Mace to be alive. While Lucas no longer has any control over the Star Wars universe, there is precedent for Mace, maybe, turning up in a future movie. We’re hesitant to go full spoiler, but if you’ve been following the Rogue One news you’ll know that another character from that time period plays a vital role in the movie. It’d be great to see Mace again and, let’s face it, any movie is improved by Jackson’s presence. Who knows, maybe in a few years we’ll be sitting down to watch Mace Windu: A Star Wars Story.

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