VAV Reveal Hidden Secrets With Webtoon Comeback “Lost In Memories”

VAV Reveal Hidden Secrets With Webtoon Comeback “Lost In Memories”

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With the extraordinary rate that Korea pumps out their musically talented artists, the fight for the top debut is a vicious cycle. One group who are willing to fight that battle are AQ Entertainment’s new boy group VAV.

VAV are under the company AQ Entertainment and are a six member group consisting of Ace (Vampire), Jacob (Vampire), Baron (Vampire), Xiao (Vampire), St.Van (Priest), Gyeo UI (Wolf Boy) and ZeHan (Vampire – also known as the Lost Member). Under the supervision of producer Quasimodo, the group are being promoted with the help of famous Korean webtoon artist Ha Il Kwon. The idea behind VAV’s concept is a modern version of “Journey To The West” with each member being represented by a strong character within the story.

Since their debut showcase on Halloween in 2015 (which attracted more than 10,000 people on stage and through Naver’s V App), VAV are ready to make their unique comeback with their second album and webtoon collaboration titled “Lost In Memories”. Although a comeback or the news of K-pop artists working on their own webtoon isn’t a new thing in its entirety, a new group such as VAV to be collaborating so early on is a new promotional direction for a rookie group.


The webtoon itself tells the story of the origins of each of the members and how they find out their untold destiny, with hidden secrets revealed throughout. This is something that has continued on from their first album “Under The Moonlight”. The new webtoon will become available every Monday and Wednesday at 7pm through VAV’s Official Facebook, which allows their international fans easier access to the unfolding story.

VAV are currently gearing up for their comeback, the concept of which has been stated will be very different from their previous debut song. Instead of the sultry vampires they portrayed they are going in a completely different direction and are hoping to perform with a powerful hip-hop stage. MCM Buzz will be conducting an interview with VAV about their upcoming comeback, so you can get involved and be sure to comment with questions you’d like to ask below.

For more information about VAV or to show your support be sure to head on over to their Official WebsiteFacebookTwitter, Instagram, Weibo and YouTube channel.

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