Be inspired with an “Inspire Me Korea” subscription box

Be inspired with an “Inspire Me Korea” subscription box

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Subscription boxes have gathered a huge following thanks to the wide variety at hand and how easy it is to get your favourite beauty products, foods or even to try something a little different from another country. Previously on MCM Buzz we have covered the likes of Retro Game Box, Beauty Bi, and Japan Crate who have all offered something amazing and entertaining. This time we are looking at a Korean and UK based subscription box by the name of “Inspire Me Korea”.

When asked about Inspire Me Korea, the founder and CEO Diana Chan stated, “I just graduated, and decided to take a graduation trip on my own to South Korea. I stayed for one month in Incheon and Seoul and it was the most memorable experience of my life, and definitely life changing! I had such a great time there that when I came back to the UK for my graduation ceremony I couldn’t stop thinking about how to go back to South Korea. I came up with many ideas, like finding a job in the UK that will send me to South Korea or finding an English speaking job in Korea. Instead, I settled with bringing South Korea to the UK!”

Diana wanted to share the vibrant culture that she experienced in South Korea and show that there is a lot more to South Korea than just K-pop or Korean dramas. “There is a rich history, culture, traditions and amazing people who are respectful and caring towards everyone,” said Diana. “I wanted to portray this multi dimensional culture and share it with people I care about – people who love Korea or could love Korea through Inspire Me Korea! That is why I have chosen an array of items to go into our boxes each month, so people can learn about Korea and have a taste of the diverse culture.”

The main goal of Inspire Me Korea is the hope that the subscription box service will cover all the aspects of Korea in one small package, especially for those who cannot travel, giving them the opportunity to experience and be inspired by Korea.

“The whole idea is to create a community of Korea lovers in the UK, to share our stories with one another and just feel comfortable to be in love with Korean culture,” explained Diana. “I definitely remember being in love with K-pop five years ago, but had no one to talk to and no one to share this with, and I wish that no one has to feel that way any more!”

In terms of creating a community, Inspire Me Korea have an “Inspired By Korea Blog” series where stories can be shared and inspiration can be passed on from person to person about everything from traditions, culture, music, movies and entertainment, right down to the best places to eat when visiting Korea.

So what about these boxes? Well, the boxes are sent out on the 5th of every month and each one will have a different theme. For example, April’s one will be “Cafe” which we have been told could feature some fun, cute and amazing Easter themed gifts. Each box is filled with surprises, but we are guaranteed something to cover history and culture within a magazine, snacks, K-pop and Korean entertainment items, as well as some beauty products for those of you who opt in for them. All the products are hand-picked and carefully curated to the monthly theme. The items are then hand packed in a special box, and delivered straight to your door.

At £13.33 per month the subscription box is a steal for the quality of items you can receive. Should you get impatient of waiting for your box you could always head over to the Inspire Me Korea shop where they house some really cute items for sale.

MCM Buzz readers are really lucky, for we have been given an exclusive discount code where you can get free shipping on the first box you order. All you have to do is use the code ‘MCMBUZZ’ when paying for your box, and Inspire Me Korea will sort it out from there. For a sneak preview of what to expect be sure to check out the video below, and check out Inspire Me Korea’s website, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for more updates and details about the UK’s first Korean subscription box.

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