Agent Carter S02E10 “Hollywood Ending” REVIEW

Agent Carter S02E10 “Hollywood Ending” REVIEW

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Marvel’s Agent Carter S02E10 “Hollywood Ending” REVIEW

Agent Carter 58

stars 4

Airing in the UK on Fox TV, new episodes every Thursday
Writer: Chris Dingess
Director: Jennifer Getzinger


Essential Plot Points:

  • After Wilkes expels the Zero Matter from his body, causing an explosion at Manfredi’s factory, Whitney takes it all for herself and is set to use her power to open the rift once more and bring the world to its knees.
  • After being run over by Jarvis and Howard Stark, Whitney takes refuge in Manfredi’s home and begins to calculating how to open the rift again.
  • While Peggy and co are trying to figure out how to stop Whitney, they are visited by Manfredi who has Jarvis at gunpoint. But it turns out he is friends with Howard Stark, and has actually come to ask for their help in getting Whitney back to normal.
  • Peggy and co decide to take photos of her research and open the rift before Whitney does, and to then draw her out and get rid of the Zero Matter residing within her.

Agent Carter 56



It’s been 60 seconds after the events from last week’s episode and everyone is on the floor; they’re looking to Jack Thompson for an explanation after he revealed his intention to use the gamma canon as a bomb to kill Whitney, but he swears it wasn’t him. When Peggy and co discover that the blast was from Wilkes dispelling the Zero Matter within him and that Whitney has taken it for herself, they know what they have to do: they have to stop her before it’s too late.

This is how the last episode of the series starts, and we have all been waiting for this moment. Now that Whitney has taken full control of the Zero Matter the stakes have been raised, and the A-team don’t have much time until she will be ready to unleash armageddon. This is where the episode chooses to keep us, with Peggy and her team trying to figure out the best way to stop Whitney before she completes her equations and figures out how to unleash Zero Matter again. When they finally realise that the best way to stop her is to draw her out by opening the rift again, they set about making it happen.

It is not as intense an episode as you’d expect of a finale, but it is a satisfying conclusion all the same. One gripe would be that the series’ villain isn’t really been given much to do. If you think about it, she’s been one of the most formidable enemies to be presented in the MCU and yet her end is not as exciting as it could have been. She spends the episode obsessing over equations, and then when she finally comes across the Zero Matter rift she’s “defeated” so easily that it’s somewhat surprising. Of course, it is great to see Peggy succeed in stopping her and taking her into custody, but it would have been nice to see a final showdown that actually felt like one.

It may be that because this series has been so strong as a whole tonight’s episode doesn’t feel as intense as it could have been. That is not to say that it wasn’t entertaining. Peggy and Jarvis are back to their usual selves following last week’s heated argument, and their witty remarks are a lot of fun. The return of Howard Stark was also a particular highlight. He had the best lines and some of the episode’s more comedic moments were thanks to his involvement, so it was good that he could make an appearance after being in Peru for so long.

Agent Carter has reached the finishing line, and what a race it has been — there was romance, mystery, and danger. This series was everything we could have hoped for and more, it is certainly one of the strongest of Marvel’s television shows so let’s hope we will be able to see more of it, especially after the writers have left us with such an intense cliff-hanger!

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The Good:

  • A satisfying end to a strong series, although it wasn’t as intense as it could have been it was enjoyable.
  • Howard Stark’s return to the series was particularly amusing, given his many great lines and attitude.
  • It was also good to see Peggy and Jarvis’s relationship back on track, and their witty comments were the most fun.
  • Wilkes and Peggy aren’t meant to be together, but they did manage to leave things on a good note at the end. It’s fine, though; she and Sousa work much better anyway.
  • What a cliff-hanger! What did Thompson know that warranted being shot? What does the key he found open? Who shot him? Hopefully we will find out the answer to these questions with a new season, which is still to be confirmed.
  • “I don’t speak megalomaniac but Howard Stark does.”
  • “I believe we can actually hear the sound of their egos growing.”
  • “Jarvis, you’ve just hit a woman with my car!” “I know.” “She’s a two-time Oscar nominee!” 
  • “Let me ask. Is there a portrait of you in every room?” “It’s a collection.”
  • “Anyway, we‘ve got a bigger problem on our hands. We’re out of mustard.”
  • “Show of hands, who here has invented a hovercar? Show of hands? No? I win.”

Agent Carter 59

The Bad:

  • It was a shame to see Whitney defeated so easily, after she’s more than proven herself to be a formidable enemy.

Agent Carter 57

And The Random:

  • The land that Howard Stark mentions in Malibu is probably the very same place where Tony Stark is born and raised.

Review by Roxy Simons

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  1. Sharon Foster
    10 April 2016, 18:43 Sharon Foster

    Loved the series – good to have a strong female lead. Show has everything: action, humour, great storylines and a bit of romance. Really care for the characters, even the “baddies”. Would be such a shame not to carry on with it. Favourite part of the finale was Starks comment ” wait, there’s one now”. Laughed so much

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