Agent Carter S02E09 “A Little Song And Dance” REVIEW

Agent Carter S02E09 “A Little Song And Dance” REVIEW

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Marvel’s Agent Carter S02E09 “A Little Song And Dance” REVIEW

Agent Carter 51


stars 4.5

Airing in the UK on Fox TV, new episodes every Thursday
Writers: Michele Fazekas, Tara Butters
Director: Jennifer Getzinger

Essential Plot Points:

  • Peggy and Jarvis are being taken away by Whitney’s men following their capture last week. After a fun dance number, Peggy wakes up to see their situation and gets them out of there as quickly as possible.
  • After using the gamma ray cannon to close the portal, Thompson, Sousa and Samberly concoct a plan when they realise that Vernon Masters wants them dead.
  • Wilkes, now filled to the brim with Zero Matter is taken by Whitney to an abandoned building owned by her new beau Manfredi. There, they try to extract the mysterious substance but to no avail.
  • Hoping to defeat Whitney using the Gamma Ray cannon, and get Wilkes back, Peggy joins forces with Thompson, Sousa, Samberly, and Masters. But things are not going to go according to plan if Thompson has anything to do with it.

Agent Carter 55


Let it not be said that Agent Carter is afraid to do things a little differently. Rather than start off where the characters were left off last week, “A Little Song And Dance” opens with, as the name suggests, a song and dance.

After meeting her deceased brother in a film-noir setting, Peggy is thrust into a musical number with everyone in her life to find out who she’s going to pick: Wilkes or Sousa? It’s a little odd seeing Peggy’s psyche in this state, given that she is merely knocked out rather than facing any mortal danger. Also, why Peggy’s inner musical feels the need to ask the question, “Who do you want to date?” when there are more important things at stake, specifically a megalomaniac by the name of Whitney Frost, is baffling. That’s not to say that this opening wasn’t a lot of fun, it was.

The real showstopper this week, though, was Jack Thompson. Having not been around very much this season, it was interesting to see the man that everyone loves to hate take the lead in this episode. It was also impossible to tell where his loyalties lay in this week’s episode. He switched sides often, and at one point it seemed perfectly plausible for him to want a seat at the table of The Council only for him to then change his motive again. This certainly made his character the most interesting it’s been in the past two seasons.

Another interesting and unexpected sight this week was seeing Peggy and Jarvis at odds with each other. Following Jarvis’s rash actions at the end of the last episode, it is no wonder that Peggy is irritated with him for deciding to try and take revenge on Whitney. We also get some interesting, albeit slightly harsh, comments from the pair about one another. While it was said in anger, Jarvis’s remark that everyone dies around Peggy was particularly bad, though he quickly realises his mistake. Of course, they aren’t mad at each other for long, and it will be good to see them back to their normal selves soon.

This episode ends on quite an interesting turning point before the season reaches the final hurdle. Zero Matter has taken over Wilkes; Thompson is threatening to shoot Samberly; and Peggy has a gun on him. It’s an exciting way to end the episode, and it certainly makes sure that Agent Carter is on its way to an explosive ending.

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The Good:

  • For the first time Thompson stands out, his unclear motives and the way he kept changing sides made him the most interesting part of the episode.
  • It was interesting to see another side to Peggy and Jarvis’s relationship, even if some very harsh words were said.
  • The musical number was a lot of fun, and was certainly an interesting and unexpected way to start the episode.
  • Although Whitney didn’t have very much to do this episode, her involvement and the exciting cliffhanger means that this series is sure to end with a bang.
  • “‘We walk?’ ‘We walk?’ This is your grand plan? Throw me from a moving vehicle only to kill me in an inferno?! What a magnificent idea! What skill! What grace under fire! You’ve really proven your worth to God and county this time, Agent Carter!”
  • “You have begged me to bring you on my adventures since I arrived in Los Angeles, and that’s what they are to you – larks, an enjoyable way to spend the evening.”
  • “Our job is keeping people safe. If that means using Vernon to take down a lady who kills people with black space goop, that’s what’s gonna happen.”

Agent Carter 50

The Bad:

  • While the song and dance number was fun, why did it have to focus on who Peggy was going to choose between: Wilkes and Sousa? It’s difficult to imagine that being the most troubling thing on her subconscious.


And The Random:

  • Some of the dancers in the musical number – Louis van Amstel, Dmitry Chaplin, Damian Whitewood, Sasha Farber, Anna Trebunskaya and Karina Smirnoff – are the professional dancers from the US version of Strictly Come Dancing, Dancing With The Stars.


Review by Roxy Simons

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