MyM magazine Issue 47 featuring Jason Zada's The Forest is out now!

MyM magazine Issue 47 featuring Jason Zada's The Forest is out now!

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Issue 47 of MyM, the official magazine of MCM Comic Con, is out now! Featuring an exclusive set visit to Brit horror Pandorica, a day out at the London Toy Fair and an overnight battle against a zombie horde!

Dig into Issue 47 of MyM magazine and there’s a sharp edge hidden beneath our usually fluffy kawaii exterior.

Perhaps the overnight stay in a military barracks, following our assault on a zombie-filled complex (see page 14), has had a greater effect than we realised? Or maybe learning about Japan’s real-life suicide hotspot – Aokigahara, which lies at the northwest base of Mount Fuji – during our interview with director Jason Zada for The Forest (see page 22) has left a lasting impression? Was it the trip to deepest, darkest Essex for an exclusive set visit (see page 28) to post-apocalyptic Brit horror Pandorica? Or could it be our look into the life of director Kinji Fukasaku (page 68), who based the harrowing Battle Royale on his own horrific childhood?

If that all sounds a bit doom and gloom, there are still plenty of uplifting goodies to exhilarate and entertain this issue. That starts with a look at all the greatest new toys coming in 2016, courtesy of a trip to the London Toy Fair (page 10). And if those whet your appetite, we recommend heading to My Goodies on page 62, where a new version of Zombicide has everyone here just a little bit excited. Our look at anime with a taste for the bizarre (page 59) should also raise a smile. And if that January pay day, which always seems to take so long to arrive post-Christmas, didn’t stretch quite as far as you’d hoped, you’d be well served to check out our list of the best free-to-play games money can’t buy (page 26).

On the face of it, then, definitely a glass half-full this issue.
Matt Chapman, Editor

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MyM47_Cover_The Forest Pandorica London Toy Fair


Director Jason Zada and Game of Thrones star Natalie Dormer take us on a chilling trip to Japan’s real-life suicide hotspot in their horror film, The Forest.

Roxy Simons heads on set to join a tribe living in the dark ages in writer/director Tom Paton’s post-apocalyptic Brit horror.

MyM47 Pandorica exclusive set visit p28-29

Martin Wharmby counts down the top 10 games on PC and console that won’t cost you a penny to play.

Tom Arden looks at the startling change in mainstream attitudes to animation over the last two decades and turns the spotlight on those cartoons pushing the boundaries today.

Jim Harper takes an in-depth look at the life and career of one of Japan’s master directors.


Including a role for Johnny Depp that’s out of sight and a cracking zombie experience we won’t forget in a hurry!

MyM Issue 47 p14-15 Zombie Boot Camp

Including medieval madness in Zombicide: Black Plague and some of the comfiest headphones we’ve ever worn!

Rapper, singer and actor Ben Bailey Smith on his new children’s book, I Am Bear.

Teacher and model Katie Carter takes an unusual fashion walk in Asakusa and shares her love of independent brand Pink Hime.

This month, the much-missed Becca Moriarty talks with Kenny Chan and Kerry Allingham about their time on reality show King of the Nerds, Katharine Byrne chats with Dutch cosplayer Rick Boer about the challenges of creating Metal Gear’s Snake, and we present four more cracking cosplay posters.

MyM Issue 47 Wonder Woman cosplay poster Katie Gee

With our regular writer Saoirse off on her travels for a year, Emily Faulder joins the Fashion Watch team with a fairy kei photo shoot, showcasing the style’s trademark cute ‘n’ pastel look.

This month we mostly watched Anomalisa, Convergence, Deadpool, Deathgasm, Exposed, Goosebumps, Spotlight, Bone Tomahawk, Miss Hokusai, Taking Stock, Triple 9, Zoolander 2, The Green Inferno, Anthem of the Heart, Jem and the Holograms, Kung Fu Panda 3, You Are Not Alone, Doctor Who Complete Season 9 and Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.

This month we take a look at a handful of Early Access titles, like the hugely popular ARK: Survival Evolved, The Long Dark and the extra cute Slime Rancher, the upcoming Nights of Azure and Samurai Warriors 4: Empires, and review the likes of nightmarishly difficult XCOM 2, Arslan: The Warriors of Legend, Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4, Megadimension Neptunia VII and the long-awaited puzzler The Witness.

MyM 47 game review spread

Andy Shaw is wowed by audacious comic strip Goldtiger, flirts with French noir with the murderous Manchette’s Fatale and races to avert space disaster with Soyuz Blue. Meanwhile, Ian Wolf’s monthly manga intake stars boy racers, teen priestesses, kickass schoolboys and a surgery-loving monster girl with the best of intentions.

Streaming anime is in the spotlight as Andy Hanley gives us his picks from the ongoing winter season, while our review crew cover new DVD and Blu-ray releases including Dragon Ball Z – Resurrection ‘F’, Mirai Nikki: Future Diary, Nyan Koi!, Haikyu!! and the long-awaited Evangelion 3.33.

MyM magazine Issue 47 Cover promo shot The Forest

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