Korea's DJ Soda releases "Hotline Bling" remix

Korea's DJ Soda releases "Hotline Bling" remix

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The EDM, Trap, DJ and clubbing scene is growing everyday throughout Asia. Korea’s DJ Soda has been a professional open format DJ since 2013 and she has now released her official “Hotline Bling” Drake remix and music video.

DJ Soda has gone from being an underground DJ to K-pop star status with her remixes to some top class songs. Her first world tour consisted of more than 11 countries and 23 cities, plus she can boast about being ranked within the top 70 highest followed K-pop stars, which if you put into perspective, is a pretty big feat.

After Soda’s successful Asia Tour in October last year, she announced through her official Instagram page that she will be focusing a lot more on her album, which in turn attracted many artists and fans alike. Her album will consist of remixes, music videos, and original tracks. It will be the first time she has produced her own music and features Simo, a producer who has worked with the likes of Gary, Dynamic Duo, Iron, DOK2, and BTS (Bangtan Boys). She has also revealed that more remixes and original tracks will be released later in the year.

With a huge following all around Asia, it’s obvious that DJ Soda has a lot of passion for what she does. She doesn’t play up to the usual “small girl in the big DJ-ing world” scene, and is pretty confident in her own skills which is represented in her released work.

Also, for those of you who like your League Of Legends, you might have heard of the skin available called “DJ Sona”. Now, there might be no connection whatsoever, but in the video below, don’t you think DJ Soda looks like DJ Sona with that outfit and headdress? Even the mixing style is similar style to DJ Sona.

To show some support or to know a bit more about DJ Soda, be sure to check out her Facebook, Instagram, Soundcloud, Mixcloud and her official YouTube channel. And be sure to keep checking back to MyM Buzz for more Korean music information and interviews.

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