JPU Records to release FEMM’s PoW! / L.C.S. + Femm-Isation across Europe

JPU Records to release FEMM’s PoW! / L.C.S. + Femm-Isation across Europe

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Following on from the initial news about the upcoming release of FEMM‘s EP, PoW! / L.C.S. + Femm-Isation, it has now been revealed that JPU Records will be releasing it across Europe.

Mannequin duo RiRi and LuLa will have their two disc package released by JPU Records on 4 March 2016, with a limited edition bundle that will include a FxxK Boys Get Money t-shirt (pictured below). The 10-track EP will include the two new tracks PoW! and L.C.S., as well as three unreleased remixes by Invaderous and sfpr – tracklist can be viewed here).

FEMM FxxK Boyz Get Money t-shirt

“There is also a collection of remixes on that disc that we have been performing a lot live,” says agent Honey-B, commenting on RiRi’s behalf because mannequins can’t talk. “The other disc has all the tracks that were only released digitally. The original order of the songs was already carefully mapped out, but this time round we got to put in segues in between songs which made a big difference. The songs flow so smoothly, it will seem like it all happens in a split second and like you have travelled in time.”

Honey-B also recently dropped a hint via FEMM’s Twitter page about the possibility of RiRi and LuLa making an appearance in the UK this year.

You can pre-order now from JPU Records, Amazon UK and Plastic Head.

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