Need for Speed REVIEW

Need for Speed REVIEW

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Need for Speed review by Mike Bell.

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stars 3.5

DEVELOPER: Ghost Games
PUBLISHER: Electronic Arts
FORMATS: Xbox One, PS4, PC
PRICE (RRP): £49.99

After a year out, the Need for Speed series is back on our screens and once again with Rivals developer, Ghost Games, at the helm. Much to the joy of many fans, the series has returned to its roots, clearly taking inspiration from Need for Speed Underground.

Taking full advantage of modern hardware, Need for Speed looks incredible and sounds great, though disappointingly it’s hard to take full notice of this as you’ll spend most of your time driving around at night in wet conditions.
The series’ trademark arcade handling remains mostly unchanged, improved by the ability to fine tune cars to your needs, focusing on either grip or drift.

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The game’s singleplayer mode is enjoyable though short-lived, only spanning a few hours from start to finish. Additionally, a small number of available cars meant we were driving around in the best ride early on in the game. The brief narrative is strung together by a series of a cringe-inducing cutscenes featuring a gaggle of characters that are best described as memes in human form.

While Need for Speed is a perfectly serviceable racing game, a clear lack of ambition and content means it struggles to stand up against the likes of Forza and will likely be quickly forgotten past Christmas.

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