Guardians Of The Gallery: Doctor Who Goes Pop, Zelda Goes Ghibli & More

Guardians Of The Gallery: Doctor Who Goes Pop, Zelda Goes Ghibli & More

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This week’s round-up of some great, funny and weird sci-fi and fantasy pics and vids that have been created a buzz on the ’net…



••• Titan has started releasing various Doctor Who comic titles with variant covers by artist Simon Myers (Scarlett Couture, Ghost)​ that riff off from famous album covers. Keep your eye out for more in the new year. (We reckon Queen’s “The Miracle” album cover must be a shoe-in, surely?)


12D_Year_Two_#4_Cover_C_by SImon Myers

8D_01_FP_JP by SImon Myers

12D_Year_Two_#3_Cover_C_by SImon Myers

Specially commissioned by the fine folks at HBO, master food artist Michelle Wibowo of Michelle Sugar Art created this incredible edible seen at last weekend’s Taste of London 2015. The attention to detail fabricated into this four-by-five-foot foodie fantasy is fantastic.


••• HBO commissioned food artist Michelle Wibowo of Michelle Sugar Art to create this Gingerbread King’s Landing for Taste of London 2015.  Next week, Game Of Scones. Possibly. [via Geek Tyrant]




••• Artist Matt Vince has created these beautiful posters reimagining “The Legend of Zelda” as Studio Ghibli films. Suddenly, we really need to see these films!





••• Here’s how they do weather forecasts in Finland…


••• Honest Trailers get its teeth into a Marvel film so bad even Stan Lee didn’t want to do a cameo. Fantastic Four may be a large, slow-moving target, but the Honest team still comes up with a few new ways of twisting the knife.


••• Create your own caption time (if you can stop sniggering). Tweeted by @Todd_Spence from this year’s Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade.



••• Reddit users have thoroughly explored the wastelands in Fallout 4 and spotted a still-disgruntled-with-the-press Charlie Sheen hiding out there…



••• Here’s why games would be a lot more difficult if the end-of-level bosses showed some glimmers of intelligence…


••• Peter Capaldi vacations in Middle-earth…





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