Stan Lee Launches New Superhero Universe In A Music Video

Stan Lee Launches New Superhero Universe In A Music Video

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Taking time out between movie cameo appearances Stan Lee has not only launched a new superhero universe in a music video, but he’s also created an all-new superhero set to be played by Chinese actress Li Bingbing in a film called Realm.



Debuting today on his YouTube channel Stan Lee’s World of Heroes, “No Hero Now” is a lavish, story-driven music video for a new track by Vy Nguyen featuring Jason Chu on rapping duties.

The concepts and characters in the video originally started as ideas for a series by Jennie Kong, who’s previously worked on other projects for World Of Heroes. Instead she was brought on board to write and direct the video.

“The concept and world I had originally was actually for a series I wanted to develop, which I condensed into this video,” Kong tells The Hollywood Reporter, adding that she wanted to create, “a memorable ‘music video event’ — and to create a world with characters that you cared about long after the four minutes of song, as that’s what usually sticks with audiences once the superhero sheen is gone.”

The characters include Leverage’s Beth Riesgraf as villain the Mantis and Jessika Van from the CW’s The Messengers as former assassin-turned-hero Rian Leung.

So will the story continue? Yes, says the project’s producer Ramon Govea. “I can only say that there is a larger world to explore here but how it manifests and, more specifically, which digital platforms we use to expand this story world are mapped out on a wipe board for right now. We will be sharing something very soon, though.”


Li Bingbing


Realm, meanwhile, is a new film from Chinese production and distribution company Fundamental Films and Stan Lee Global Entertainment. The plot – which is being kept under wraps – is based on an original idea from Lee.

“What a kick it has been to create our first Chinese female superhero, and an empowering one at that,” says Lee. “It has been such a fun experience bringing to life an international woman character, and the ability to do so has been different from anything we’ve ever done! I am thoroughly enjoying every minute of it.”

Alex Litvak (Predators, The Three Musketeers) is writing the script and Li Bingbing – whose recent credits include Resident Evil: Retribution, Transformers: Age Of Extinction and Zhongkui: Snow Girl And The Dark Crystal  – will also act a producer.


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