Live Action Tiger & Bunny Movie In Development

Live Action Tiger & Bunny Movie In Development

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An English-language, live-action Tiger & Bunny movie, based on the popular anime is in development by All Nippon Entertainment Works (ANEW), Imagine Entertainment and Bandai Namco Pictures Pictures.

The announcement was made as New York Comic Con. “Stern Bild [the setting for the anime] was modelled after Manhattan, so we are happy to announce this here today,” said Masaaki Nozaki of Bandai Namco Pictures.

Tiger & Bunny is a buddy superhero story that takes place in the near-futuristic city Stern Bild, where professional superheroes known as “NEXT” fight crime and save lives. When the old school veteran, Kotetsu T Kaburagi, aka “Wild Tiger”, is forced to collaborate with the fearless but cocky rookie partner Barnaby Brooks Jr, aka “Bunny”, the two polar opposite characters must learn to work as a team to fight evil, protect the city and save each other.

The live-action Tiger & Bunny film will be produced by Brian Grazer and Ron Howard for Imagine Entertainment, ANEW’s Sandy Climan and Annmarie Bailey, and Masayuki Ozaki on behalf of Bandai Namco Pictures, a subsidiary of Sunrise. Ozaki produced the original Japanese Tiger & Bunny under the Sunrise banner, one of Japan’s leading anime studios.

“Uniquely compelling elements”

Ron Howard (A Beautiful Mind, The Da Vinci Code) released the following statement: “We could not be more excited about producing Tiger & Bunny with Bandai Namco Pictures and ANEW. When ANEW brought us the project, we fell in love with the concept immediately. It was fresh, a huge success in Japan, and we had never seen a great buddy story bring together so many uniquely compelling elements. Barnaby and Tiger are immensely dynamic characters, with a psychologically complex relationship with one another, and it will be an honour to bring them to the global audience of film lovers,” said Ron Howard.

“In Mr Ozaki and the creators of Tiger & Bunny we have found kindred spirits in the world of storytelling. Our collaboration with them will make this project richer and stronger as we grow the Tiger & Bunny franchise worldwide,” added Brian Grazer.

“We secretly hoped to bring Tiger & Bunny to Hollywood one day as a live-action project since the early stages of conceptualising the original series,” said Ozaki. “What impressed us most when ANEW approached us was not only the deal terms, but the deep respect and love they showed for our original work. During the deal talks, our chief focus was to ensure continuing involvement by the original creators to maintain quality, and flexibility which would allow the original work to continue. We pushed those points strongly because we couldn’t turn our back to our fans.”




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