Guardians Of The Gallery: Pokemon Fusions, Superhero Shadows, Hot Dog Princesses & More

Guardians Of The Gallery: Pokemon Fusions, Superhero Shadows, Hot Dog Princesses & More

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Some of the best, funniest and weirdest pics & vids that’ve been doing the rounds on the ’net this week


••• These superb superhero silhouette posters were created by UK-based graphic designer Jason Stanley. Click on them for larger versions.

captain-america-mc-153914 doc-ock-mc-153913 hulk-mc-153912 iron-man-mc-153911 spider-man-mc-153910 the-wolverine-mc-153907 thepunisher-mc-153909 thor-mc-153908


••• This  18-foot long Lego Batmobile sculpture was designed and built by Nathan Sawaya for The Art of Brick: DC Comics art exhibit in Sydney, Australia. “This is a dream project,” Sawaya tells Entertainment Weekly. “This is the Batmobile! What other vehicle is so iconic?”



••• Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens gets a Once Upon A Time makeover.


••• And while we’re on the subject of bizarre things to do with Disney characters (because this is the internet and that’s what the internet’s for)… hot dogs made to look like Disney Princesses, anyone? From top to bottom Rapunzel, Belle, Ariel and Pocahontas.  [Lucky Peach via ComicBookResources]






••• Created for New York Comic Con, these superhero helmets were designed by top comic book artists, including Joe Quesada, Marvel’s Chief Creative Officer, Damion Scott, Kaare Andrews and Walt Simonson to celebrate the 150th anniversary of some true heroes of New York – the FDNY, or New York Fire Departmen.  [via NY Daily News]



••• How would you like to collect all these? Gorgeous Pokemon fusions from artist Seoxys. [via RocketNews24]

pokefusion1-154710 pokefusion2-154711 pokefusion3-154712 pokefusion4-154713 pokefusion5-154714


••• What if Baymax had been evil?


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