TOPP DOGG "Shut The Door" In London On Their European Tour

TOPP DOGG "Shut The Door" In London On Their European Tour

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With TOPP DOGG‘s London concert upon us MCM Buzz sent out a small team to report on the event, get some photos and even hold an exclusive interview with the 12 members P-goon, Kidoh, Gohn, Sangdo, B-joo, Hansol, Xero, Yano, Nakta, Jenissi, A-tom and Hojoon.

Arriving at The Troxy, there was already a large queue outside, predominantly teenage girls going crazy with excitement: singing, dancing and having a general good time. We were called into the venue early to prepare for our interview, and while we waited we scoped out the venue itself. We were surprised that the event was completely seated as the The Troxy is a medium-sized venue: this is definitely an event more akin to those you see for K-pop groups in Japan or for the smaller fan meetings in Korea. There was a lower floor, upper floor and upper tier but despite the seats, the fans stood throughout, singing and dancing to the music.


Interview completed,  we waited for the show to begin, watching fans running to their chairs and talking to complete strangers who obviously shared the same interests. There was a nice sense of community and we can guarantee that some new friendships were made that night. As soon as the lights dimmed the hall was filled with high-pitched screams whilst a video began to play showing the handsome TOPP DOGG members touring other countries. As soon as the video finished the band members appeared on the stage to even louder screams and began to perform their first set of songs: “Open The Door” and “Follow Me“. At this point the crowd were beside themselves singing along and showing pure dedication to the group of men up on the stage.

There was a nice moment when the members introduced themselves individually and filled the hall with laughter and screams once again; their witty jokes and cuteness winning over the crowd. They decided to calm the hyperactive crowd by performing some of their chilled music –  “Keep Smiling” and “Cigarette” – which had the desired effect and left fans calm and doe-eyed. This was followed by another video break where the boys were playing a game to choose teams for another game that would happen later on during the concert.


It was then time for the specialist sub-groups to show off a little bit. The rappers Jenissi, A-tom, Kidoh and Yano performed “Pretty Mo’F#cka” to the crowd’s delight, whereas the dancers of the group performed their own little piece and were joined with the rest of the members when they began to dance to Mark Ronson Ft Bruno Mars’s “Uptown Funk“. Something fans were happy to see was when the members performed their own rendition of Ellie Goulding‘s “Love Me Like You Do” which the group had teased fans with as a music video before their tour.

Having whipped the crowd into a frenzy, it was time for some games with some lucky members of the audience. Before the concert began, specialised wrist bands were given out, each with its own unique number. After calling out random numbers TOPP DOGG participated in a “Chinese Whispers”-style game but it came with a twist: instead of whispering they had to use their bodies and dance out their subject. The event caused lots of laughter and was really amusing and funny to watch. The lucky chosen fans and winners of the game were given some merchandise (bandana and signed poster) and were allowed to get a group picture with TOPP DOGG.


After the members leave the stage to change outfits and have a very well-earned rest, another video began to play and the crowd finally found out what that earlier game to decide groups was about. The teams had to enter a haunted house to retreieve an item from the heart of the building; this alone caused mass laughter once again.

When TOPP DOGG return to the stage once again they perform two more songs, one of which was “Top Dog“, a firm favourite of MCM Buzz’s. At this point the members line up and explain to the audience what they like about being in London and performing for their fans; some of their words were really heartfelt, and some were funny. It really did feel that they had a blast coming to London and performing for their UK fans. The last song before they leave the stage was “Arario” of which fans sang along to.

The sea of fans begin to chant “Encore” into the darkness of the hall, and on cue the members come out to perform two last encore songs. When they finished their songs they said their last goodbyes and genuinely look like they don’t want to leave the stage. Both fans and group members look exhausted but completely full of adrenaline and admiration, but everyone knows the show must end at some point. The lights go down, the members leave the stage, and the lights came back on to an empty space.The fans, though, were more reluctant to leave.


Attending the show was a little daunting for the team as a few of them had never been to a K-pop concert before, nor had they heard too much about TOPP DOGG beforehand. Although they had heard their music and seen their music videos they didn’t really know much more about the group than that. TOPP DOGG, though, won them over completely and left a great lasting impact on them.

MCM Buzz would like to thank TOPP DOGG and Stardom Entertainment for their invitation to attend the concert and to interview the members. We look forward to what TOPP DOGG have up their sleeves for the near future and to reporting on their growth as a must-follow K-pop group. Be sure to check out our TOPP DOGG In London photo album on the MCM Buzz Facebook page for more photos from the concert and from our exclusive interview with the members which you can read here!


Photographer: Sarah Tsang
Writers: Kay Ibrahim & Kpopkimi




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