Guardians Of The Gallery: Dragonball Superheroes, Bond, Lego Hobbit & More

Guardians Of The Gallery: Dragonball Superheroes, Bond, Lego Hobbit & More

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Some of the best, funniest and weirdest pics & vids that’ve been doing the rounds on the ’net this week


••• French artist Pierre-Marie Lenoir has taken Dragon Ball Z  characters and fused them with superheroes like Batman, Spider-Man, and Wolverine. See more of his work here.

DragonballZ_batman DragonballZ_Robin DragonballZ_spider-man DragonballZ_wolverine


[via ComicBookResources]

••• No doubt inspired by transatlantic success of Straight Outta Compton, Marvel’s latest variant covers gimmick is classic hip hop album cover homages. Apparently comic shops in the US are going gaga over them with huge pre-orders forcing Marvel to reprints.

marvel_hip_hop_variants_1 marvel_hip_hop_variants_2 marvel_hip_hop_variants_3 marvel_hip_hop_variants_4 marvel_hip_hop_variants_5 marvel_hip_hop_variants_6


marvel_hip_hop_variants_7 marvel_hip_hop_variants_8

[see more here]

••• Minions prepare for a (PR) invasion of China.

minions_on_great_wall_of China

••• Just added to the Dr Marten’s Adventure Time range are these Marceline the Vampire Queen boots, which as well as the toe cap detailing have fluffy tongues too! Available here.

Nightosphere's Looking at You Boot

••• This week’s amazing Lego construction (because there has to be one) is a mammoth 120,000-brick reconstruction of Erebor from The Hobbit by Michal Kazmierczak. [via Gizmodo]


••• Sesame Street does a spoof of the most famous scene from When Harry Met Sally. We have no idea why.

••• Have you ever heard that theory about Star Wars – the one that suggest with a different emphasis the Empire could be portrayed as the good guys fighting against evil terrorists?Seems that you can do a similar “sexing up” with Joffrey in Game Of Thrones.

••• Spider-Man elect used Instagram to show off his first ever Spider-Man costume.

A trip down memory lane… Thanks mum for keeping this.

A photo posted by ✌️ (@tomholland2013) on

••• Aston Martin has unveiled a special Bond edition DB9 sports car to coincide with the release of SPECTRE. Only 150 examples of the car, based on the DB9 GT, will be offered for sale, at $250,000. Thank God Top Gear is off the air at the moment and Clarkson’s new show is months off. DB9 GT Bond Edition DB9-GT-Bond-Edition-Rear  

••• A deleted scene from last year’s Doctor Who… well, sort of.

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