Lots of Resident Evil Revelations Monster Concept Art

Lots of Resident Evil Revelations Monster Concept Art

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6_0VKfVaK.jpg.size-600_maxheight-600_square-trueThose of a nervous disposition beware: there are a whole load of monsters and ’orrible creatures on the following pages – some of them only half formed – as we give you a glimpse at some of the amazing monster concept art for Resident Evil: Revelations the game that took the Resident Evil franchise to new heights, combining the best of the old and the new.

Just published in English for the first time, Resident Evil Revelations: Official Complete Works takes readers on an in-depth, behind-the-scenes look at the art, storyboards, concept and more behind the smash hit game.

The book features exclusive looks at characters, locations, monsters and more all in full-colour plus bonus content pages displaying exciting examples of the Japanese packaging and launch advertisements.

Resident Evil Revelations: The Complete Works is available to buy now.

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Ooze made its debut in Resident Evil: Revelations. Although zombies were the main enemies at the beginning of the franchise, the game’s creators wanted to widen the variety of enemies. “The brief was ‘moving drowned corpse’,” says Capcom art director Satoshi Takamatsu. “These sketches are from when we started thinking about the Ooze’s body details. The basic material is a drowned body, and if we made it too realistic, it would look too repulsive. Instead we added elements of marine creatures, deformed structures, and after trial and error, we settled on the current design. We then thought it could have been a bit more human-like after all, so adjusted it in the UE version.”


A wolf type  developed by BOW with mountain combat in mind. The howling of Fenrir echoing in the mountains is a terrifying sign that they have started their hunt. “I read a fairytale where a wolf wouldn’t die even if his belly is cut open and that was reflected in the above design,” says character designer Koki Kinoshita. “The early design idea came from my idea that it would open its body and press its intestines against the prey to digest it directly.” However, because of animation difficulties, the design was simplified.


An early design for Ooze Rachel. “Originally, the script featured a decomposed man,” says Koki Kinoshita, “until art director Takamatsu pointed out that, ‘There are only old men in this game.’ He came up with a dirty, rough design, which I cleaned up a bit, then Sato beautifully finalized it. A fantastic collaboration!”


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