Topp Dogg answer fan questions and reveal their cover of “Love Me Like You Do”

Topp Dogg answer fan questions and reveal their cover of “Love Me Like You Do”

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With Topp Dogg’s European showcase tour just around the corner fans are getting anxious as to what they can expect from the group at the concerts in Milan, London and Paris. By using their official YouTube channel, Jazzy Group (the team hosting the European Tour) have asked Topp Dogg to answer questions sent in by fans.

The first video shows B-Joo asking questions to Sangdo about fans visiting Korea, food, and places to visit. Though it seems B-Joo feels Sangdo is being too negative. The boys really show their caring yet comedic side to these interview questions.

Next up B-Joo decides to bother Hansol as he sits in the office quietly. In this video it seems Hansol finds it the best moment to promote how much he loves his fans, and to talk about his love for alternative dance and famous dance groups in Japan. Though things get aggressive when the brotherly love between the two are left in shatters because of B-Joo.

It seems B-Joo has really taken his MC position within these videos pretty seriously, so this time barges into a practice room with members Nakta and Jenissi. Again the subject of food is bought up and Nakta explains his love for pasta and how he can’t wait to try it when on tour. With doe eyes, Jenissi prepares himself to answer a serious question, which ends on a slightly “perverted” note about the colour of his underwear.

For Xero’s interview, it seems as if he was genuinely doing work when B-Joo waltzes in and starts his attack of questions about sleeping habits where they talk about Kidoh – But Xero gets his own back by declaring the worst sleeper in his current dorm is in fact B-Joo. Revenge is so sweet!

Taking things in a new direction, B-Joo makes Hansol join him in annoying Kidoh as he works, though they make a point of picking on him about his hair, calling him “mum”. In this segment Kidoh talks about his deep love for Poland, though things get serious when he starts looking for visa requirements.

We don’t know if there are more videos to come with the members answering fan questions, rest assured that MCM Buzz will update you on anything new. In the meantime, during the run up to the concerts, Jazzy Group revealed that Topp Dogg were working on a special project to commemorate their European tour. This project turned out to be the members performing their own cover version of Ellie Goulding’sLove Me Like You Do“. The setting for the video is among statues of the famous landmarks of each of the representative countries on their European showcase tour, giving the video a personal touch for European fans. Be sure to check out the video below.

Something which is shown throughout all of these videos is the excitement the members have for meeting their overseas fans. In return fans are showing their excitement of welcoming Topp Dogg to their country by arranging a special GoFundMe page to create fan items and provide gifts to the members. Plus, Jazzy Group are adding merchandise for the tour available to pre-order on the Jazzy Group Facebook page. There are still some tickets available for each of the venues which you can purchase from The Troxy (London), TicketOne (Milan) and TicketMaster (Paris). Or you can try your luck by entering Topp Dogg’s official competition to win yourself a ticket to their show.

Be sure to show some support for the movement of Korean music within Europe, and of course show your support for the members of Topp Dogg.

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