Create your own Vocaloid hologram concert with Hako Vision from ‘Something Kawaii’

Create your own Vocaloid hologram concert with Hako Vision from ‘Something Kawaii’

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Whilst walking around the traders’ hall at the MCM London Comic Con I noticed something very unique and very cool that every Vocaloid loving fan simply must have. Taking pride of place on the Something Kawaii stall I was intrigued by a small box which had a movie playing a Hatsune Miku hologram concert song. Above the box was placed a mobile phone which I believe the owner had placed there to keep safe – but there was more to that box than I originally thought!

After taking a few snaps of the stall – which definitely lives up to its namesake, I asked about the box. It turns out that it is called Hako Vision from Bandai. Basically you buy a plain looking cardboard box with a plastic film surrounding it. At first it appeared to be a gimmick, that you needed to press a button for the hologram concert to begin – I was totally wrong! After you unpack your box, you need to use your smartphone to scan the QR code on the side of the box, after which you will be given a choice of two songs to pick from. You then have to place the screen of your smartphone down onto the top of the box and it creates a 3D hologram concert.

Something Kawaii are the exclusive UK retailers for the Hatune Miku Hako Vision, and at just £6.95 it’s a total steal! Check out the video below, and make sure you check out their website.

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