RWBY Volume 1 Blu-ray review

RWBY Volume 1 Blu-ray review

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Rooster Teeth are known for their Halo animations Red Vs Blue and became a gamers go-to company for gameplays and funny skits. Back in 2013 the much loved and well known Monty Oum – creator of the classic Final Fantasy and Dead or Alive crossover series, Dead Fantasy – created a new series titled RWBY. It hit the animation scene with such force and created a whole new genre of anime to come from America.

The story follows a young girl by the name of Ruby Rose who goes to an academy known as Beacon, all so she can train to become a huntress warrior who fights the dark creatures of their world. Throughout the series she picks up some new friends – Weiss Schnee and Blake Belladonna. Along with her half-sister Yang Xiao Long, the girls must work together to graduate from Beacon. If you haven’t guessed already, their names make up the team name RWBY. Obviously along the way their differing personalities get in the way for some light comic relief.

There are some really good fight scenes throughout the first season. The portrayed movement in the scenes are rough yet believable and true to the animation style. Keeping original and completely different from other animation available online, RWBY opted for that ‘pre-game release’ look instead of the pristine well formed figures. This adds to the effect and beauty of the story being told, as well as keeping an unexpected freshness for the viewers.

There are a few hiccups within the animations, like the rigidness of the characters when nothing else is going on and although compared to the online version there have been some changes made to the lip- syncing, there are a few moments when characters are talking but their mouths are closed. Whilst watching Volume 1 of RWBY, you will notice just how much detail has gone into the character deigns, fighting animations and even the scenery in the background. Not to mention the attention to detail in the music and script construction.


When you receive your Blu-ray you will be greeted with all of the main characters that make the RWBY group as the front cover. The art style is different to that in the series, slightly more realistic and traditional. The fun starts when you play the Blu-ray. There are many features to chose from, starting with the option to watch the whole of Volume 1 as a movie, with no breaks in between each episode. Or you can pick individual episodes through the “Watch by Episode” title, which would then include the episode’s opening and ending. If you like a particular fight so much you can pick a specific scene with the “Scene Selection” title.

Rooster Teeth have not flaked out on the special features, with a director’s commentary, cast commentary, Red trailer, White trailer, Black trailer, Yellow trailer, behind the scenes, fan art and RWBY cosplays. They have taken fan interaction to a whole new level and included fan support within the Blu-ray. The last option on the menu screen is “More from Rooster Teeth” title, which shows their past and future work, such as The Best Of Red Vs Blue, The Best Of RTAA, The Best Of RT Shorts, Red Vs Blue Season 11, A Simple Walk Into Mordor, Slow Mo Guys, The Best Of Fails Of The Week – All of which are available on the Rooster Teeth YouTube channel.

Easter eggs within releases are a nice touch and RWBY has a few to offer as well, starting with animated versions of the Achievement Hunter team as a poster in Ruby’s room (which are based off the real posters that are for sale in the Rooster Teeth store). There is also a homage to the Slow Mo Guys with the use of their sound effects throughout some key moments within the first volume. There are a lot more Easter eggs throughout the menu screen, which include a special “Ursa Dance” and a few behind the scenes cell shots.

In whole, the RWBY Blu-ray is definitely worth a look, with its large scale character development, comedic relief, intense soundtrack and crude yet enticing visuals – RWBY is everything you want it to be, and more.

RWBY Volume 1 is released on 29 June on both DVD and Blu-ray by Animatsu Entertainment.

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