Exclusive Interview: Boys Republic get personal before their Royal Tour

Exclusive Interview: Boys Republic get personal before their Royal Tour

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Most of our dedicated K-pop readers will have seen the news that the K-pop boy group Boys Republic are coming to London Islington Academy on July 4th as part of their “Royal Tour“. Tickets are already on sale so be sure to grab yours as soon as possible.

Members Wonjun, Sunwoo, Minsu, Sungjun, and Suwoong have already sent their greetings to their European fans and are really excited to see everyone. So whilst they were still hyped up about their upcoming tour, we managed to grab a small interview with all of the members to see what makes Boys Republic a Korean boy group to watch.

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You debuted in 2013 with “Party Rock” which bought a new flare to the K-pop world. Did you ever think you would get as far as you have today when you first started out?

We really appreciate all the fans who have supported us over time. It is all about them as to why we are here now.

What are Boys Republic’s favourite video games? Are there any games that inspired your music video?

We love to play GTA (Grand Theft Auto) and FIFA.

Your music is being listened to worldwide, what do you feel sets you apart from other artists? 

We are not afraid of trying different types of music.

The dance choreography to your music can be very hard. Who out of the group is the best dancer?

Sungjun and Minsu easily master the choreography, especially Minsu as he learns choreography very fast. For new songs we practice more than two months before we start TV promotions.

Who is it that inspires you all? Is there anyone (from around the world) that inspires you to do what you do?

Always The Beatles, Shinhwa, and G.O.D.

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I recently watched one of your videos where the members dressed up in funny costumes. Just watching I felt embarrassed for you all, but what was your most embarrassing moment performing?

During one of our performances there was confetti and one piece went into one member’s mouth during the performance. It didn’t get caught on camera and fans in front saw it and laughed at them.

Fanservice is a big deal, especially for international fans. You had done a Lazer Tag fan meeting once. What other activities would you like to do with your fans in the future?

We’d like to do a charity event with Royal family.

Your last group release was “The Real One” in November 2014 with a modern Vs classic concept. Do you have any plans to release a new album or song for 2015?

Of course! We can’t tell you the details, but it will be awesome!
(E/N: Boys Republic have just released their new single and music video “Hello” which you can see below!)

“Rookie King: Boys Republic” was a much loved TV show for fans worldwide, allowing a bridge between the idols and their fans. How would you like to interact with your fans in the future?

We want to hold a small concert with fans.

You are travelling around Europe on your tour soon, but have any of you previously visited any of the countries you are going to? 

It is our first time to go to Europe and we would love to go to all countries, but Paris, France should be a must!

And lastly, do you have anything to say to your UK fans, and readers of MCM Buzz?

We hope you will keep supporting us please!

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A big thank you to B7klan and Boys Republic for their cooperation and time, and be sure to keep checking back to MCM Buzz for news and updates about Boys Republic’s European tour. Below is their latest release “Hello“. You can also view our own Boys Republic picture folder on the MCM Buzz Facebook page.

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