Cool items that fans can catch at the Pokemon Boutique!

Cool items that fans can catch at the Pokemon Boutique!

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Pokémon fans in the USA are now able to pick up some really unique items thanks to the Pokémon Boutique pop-up shop that has recently opened in Los Angeles. After a little investigating, we found some of the cool items that you can purchase from this limited-time event, some of which will also be available on line in the near future .

First thanks to the designers Omocat you can get a range black tops that are graced with the likes of Espurr, Gengar, and Drifloon.


JapanLA have made a pastal coloured reversible top that is also available as a babydoll dress and crop-top tanktop featuring Pikachu, Plusle and Minun.

Japan LA Pokemon Print Dress

Clothing brand Mighty Fine will have items on offer including a Pokéball jumper and a Pikachu-themed black cardigan with yellow trim and Pokéball buttons. This item can also be purchased here for $38.80 excluding delivery thanks to online retailer Hot Topic.


The final item on our list is this amazing special 14kt gold dipped Pokemon Necklace with Swarovski Crystals that has been created by Onch Movement and features the much loved Electric type Pokémon, Pikachu. This item is said to be very limited and was launched at the event’s party.


Those who spend over $30 at the boutique on items including at least one Pokémon-related purchase will receive a special Pikachu tote bag to carry home all their merchandise.


Well there you have it: just a few items that you can find at the Pokémon Boutique pop-up shop which is open from June 6th-July 5th and is located inside JapanLA Los Angeles.

JapanLA has also confirmed that some of their items will be available to purchase online in the coming weeks including the aforementioned Pikachu necklace.

Sources: Japan LA, Japan LA Tumblr

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