Square Enix reveal more classic characters for Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade (0)

During a livestream event for the latest Dissidia Final Fantasy arcade game, Square Enix revealed that Final Fantasy V protagonist, Bartz Klauser, and Final Fantasy VIII protagonist, Squall Leonhart, will be

Kyahri: interview with League of Legends and Teen Titans cosplayer (0)

“I love Halloween,” says Kyahri (aka Sarah Rose Gunn) when asked about dressing up. “That’s like the best day of the year. Well, it used to be but not anymore,

MCM London Comic Con panel: "Who Runs the World? Girls!" (0)

A fantastic line up of women swept onto Theatre B at MCM London Comic Con on Sunday afternoon for the last panel of the day, titled “Who Run the World?

MCM London Comic Con guests reveal their favourite cosplays and more (0)

Having recently been unveiled on the MyM Buzz Facebook page, we are now pleased to announce that

Interview with MCM London Comic Con's Anime Guest of Honour: Hidetaka Tenjin (0)

At MCM London Comic Con May 2015 we were lucky enough to get an interview with

MCM London Comic Con May 2015 In a Nutshell video (0)

Over the weekend at MCM London Comic Con, one of the talented MCM video team members,

K-pop intro to Boys Republic + European Tour Greeting (0)

As K-pop fans might have heard, rookie K-pop boy group Boys Republic will be touring Europe

MCM Buzz Stop Motion Cosplay video MCM London Comic Con May 2015 (0)

May’s MCM London Comic Con of 2015 saw thousands of cosplayers descend upon the ExCeL centre

Gideon Emery Interview at MCM London Comic Con (0)

Gideon Emery returned to MCM London Comic Con this weekend for the first time in a few years. Despite