MyM magazine Issue 35 is out now!

MyM magazine Issue 35 is out now!

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Issue 35 of MyM, the official magazine of MCM Expo Group, is out now! Featuring Dragon Ball Xenoverse, anime reboots, The Anime Encyclopedia, Kantai Collection, Welcome To Night Vale, American Ninja, the best upcoming toys in 2015 and Predestination star Sarah Snook… 

Anime. It should be in caps really – it’s such a massive area of interest that it gets its own encyclopaedia, courtesy of two committed authors and their army of minions (see our interview on page 22). The 3rd Edition of their weighty tome is out now (and is reviewed on page 39), which was all the prompting we needed to go anime crazy! From shows that have benefited – or been cursed – with reboots (page 19), to the latest Japanese craze (KanColle, page 24), via some kick-ass heroines (page 28), the best new streams (page 30) and our extensive, in-depth review section (starting on page 32).

Our videogame feature even draws its inspiration from the genre, as we delve into the latest title to be based on the storied Dragon Ball manga and anime series. Developer Dimps claims Dragon Ball Xenoverse is the most comprehensive fighter ever to be set in Akira Toriyama’s universe, and we grill producer Masayuki Hirano to find out how you – yes, you! – will be co-opted into helping restore a Dragon Ball timeline left in disarray (see page 16). Sarah Snook, star of the film Predestination, also bigs up anime as she picks her faves in My Media (page 13), remembering the artistic nature of the series she grew up watching with friends.

Speaking of which, we know you’re an artistic bunch yourselves, so if you fancy drawing our mascot, Mya Tenshi, you could scoop yourself a goodie bag. See the mag for more details.
Matt Chapman, Editor

MyM is available at all good newsagents including WHS and many independents. Click this link to find your nearest MyM stockist by postcode.

If your nearest store is too far away, please email, and we’ll look into it for you.

Alternatively, bag a monthly subscription and MyM magically drops through your letterbox. Even better, you can enjoy a substantial discount off the cover price if you subscribe to MyM by visiting this site.

MyM35 cover Dragon Ball Xenoverse 615

Developer Dimps hasn’t pulled any punches with its latest videogame based on the anime and manga favourite. Producer Masayuki Hirano tells MyM why this is the most comprehensive fighter ever to be set in Akira Toriyama’s universe.

As Kantai Collection makes its worldwide anime debut, Alex Jones takes a closer look at the naval phenomenon that’s sweeping Japan and discovers why the ship girls rule the waves.

MyM Issue 35 Kantai Collection KanColle

When a franchise is getting stale or celebrating a big birthday, studios often try to engage fans with a timely reboot. Alex Jones investigates what happens when anime hits the reset button.

With an updated edition of The Anime Encyclopedia hitting the shelves, Tom Arden talks to authors Jonathan Clements and Helen McCarthy.

Counting down anime’s most courageous and tenacious female characters.

MYM journeys to a strange desert community in the US to meet the team behind the brilliant Lovecraft-inspired podcast.

MYM meets the cast and crew of Cannon Film’s flagship martial arts franchise, to look back on a series of stone-cold VHS classics.

Sarah Snook, star of time-travel fable Predestination, shares her love of Disney’s Aladdin and Ninja Scrolls.

Multicultural band Cross Gene share their language faux pas.

Including the best upcoming toys in 2015 and a UK print release for Doctor Who Comic.

MyM Issue 35 Toy Fair 2015 news

This month, Katharine Byrne talks to Dutch cosplayer Iloon about creating Chrono Crusade’s tamest demon assistant, Rebecca Moriarty sits down with a pair of committed ‘coslifers’ and we present four more fabulous cosplay posters.

We love Japanese fashion; the price tags, not so much. This month, MyM fashion guru Saoirse Clohessy offers some simple tips to help you create your own kawaii clothes.

This month’s best merchandise includes classy cloth and a board game that’s simply FAB.

Our man on Planet Japan snacks on fried bean curd and potato in Kawaguchi, before rating AKB48’s chances of Olympic gold.

With the launch of the excellent New 3DS, we kick off our coverage with huge reviews of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate and The Legend Of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D, its flagship launch titles. We go a little bit raunchy with Criminal Girls: Invite Only, take a leap back in time with retro reviews of the recently re-released Suikoden 1 & 2 and the remastered Grim Fandango, revisit the dark Atelier Ayesha Plus: The Alchemist Of Dusk on Vita, and somehow find the time to play even more!

MyM Issue 35 Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate review

Whether you’re looking for sci-fi (Robot Overlords, Predestination, Jupiter Ascending, Project Almanac); drama (Nightcrawler, ‘71); action (The Shanghai 13, Legend Of The Lone Ranger); horror (It Follows); jet-black humour (The Voices); fantasy (Horns, Wolves) or reality (Kumiko, The Treasure Hunter, Drew: The Man Behind The Poster), this month’s film reviews have got your back.

We rate the big screen releases of The Tale Of The Princess Kaguya and A Letter To Momo; check out the home video debuts of Michiko & Hatchin Part 2, Kamisama Dolls, Fairy Tail Part 9, Onimonogatari and Anime Limited’s standard editions of Tiger And Bunny: The Beginning and Perfect Blue; curl up with The Anime Encyclopedia and check out the new winter anime season.

This issue we get to grips with beefy brawler JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, clash swords with Akame Ga Kill!, play a game with Yu-Gi-Oh’s surprising first omnibus and take a ride with WWII story The Bicycle.

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