The Mysterious Case Of Billy's G-String (The Vicar Chronicles) review

The Mysterious Case Of Billy's G-String (The Vicar Chronicles) review

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The Vicar ChroniclesThe Mysterious Case Of Billy’s G-String

Roll up, for the musical mystery tour, as we are led through the murky and occasionally sinister waters of the music industry, with the quirky and loyal sound engineer Punk Sanderson as our guide. Along with his mystery solving boss The Vicar, together they look to solve the ‘Mysterious Case Of Billy’s G-String’.

Based on Punk Sanderson’s novel, The Vicar Chronicles are a collection of wonderfully written, insightful, funny and possibly true mysteries set around the music industry. It follows the adventures of a fictional (or not) eccentric and much celebrated music producer extraordinaire, The Vicar, as seen through the hazy eyes of his rascally assistant and sidekick, Punk Sanderson.

In this adventure, ‘The Mysterious Case Of Billy’s G-String’, we follow Punk on a reference filled adventure as they attempt to save the career of a singer once of a group (who for legal reasons have had their name and possibly sexuality changed) who has succumbed to professional sabotage. It just so happens that Punk is somewhat of a fan of this band, and is more than pleased when his boss accepts the case.

Imagine a comical midsummer’s murders of music, and you come close to the wonderfully written (or documented) and dangerously dead on satire (probably) of today’s music scene. There are crooked managers, lip-syncing, Sleazy Jets, a Coffee Sucks Café and a host of inside jokes and references that are sure not to go unnoticed by those involved, close to, or even familiar with the music industry.

Those in the know may be able to uncover the real identities of many of the characters within these ‘stories’, but the identity of The Vicar (whose appearance tends to be obscured or slightly off panel) is a mystery that we will be left speculating about.

The Mysterious Case Of Billy’s G-String is a real ‘Rock & LOL’. David Singleton has done a wonderful job with this adaptation, which may not be to everybody’s liking, but lovers of music, mystery and comics in general are sure to not only love this book, but also the further adventures of Punk and the mysterious Vicar.

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