EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Bangtan Boys at the "RWEL8?" showcase in Berlin

EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Bangtan Boys at the "RWEL8?" showcase in Berlin

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Bangtan Boys are a group of young men with some amazing talents ranging from rapping, dancing and singing. Consisting of members Jin, Rapmonster, Suga, J-hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook, they created a whole new generation of Korean hip-hop music and their own combination of old-school hip-hop with modern day K-pop idols. After debuting under BigHit Entertainment in 2013 they set their style with “No More Dream” followed by “N.O” which secured them an award for Best Newcomer at the Golden Disk Awards.

Recently BTS have released two Japanese singles for “No More Dream” and “Boy In Luv” along with a compilation album “2 Cool 4 Skool/ O!RUL8,2?”. They have starred in their own SBS MTV variety show Rookie King: Channel Bangtan and are currently airing their very own show American Hustle Life where they learn the ways of American hip-hop stars through the tutoring of “Gangsta Paradise” legend Coolio. It’s safe to say that within a very short one year time span, the Bangtan Boys have achieved some amazing feats, and it seems things can only get better from this point onwards.

After attending the press conference in the Korean Culture Centre for their “RWEL8?” showcase concert in Berlin, we were invited outside into the beautiful sunshine to host our own exclusive interview with all of the members. The atmosphere was very bright, and it seemed as though these young men and their staff were old friends of ours. We gathered around a table full of smiles and laughter, greeted each other, and with a deep breath took the opportunity to hold a relaxed and fun filled interview.

Before going to interview the Bangtan Boys I didn’t really have a clue as to how it would all go. There is always a worry about meeting someone like a brick wall, but the boys took the lead and really held their own very well.

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Jin you are known amongst your fans as the mother or chef of the group after you shared some of your recipes online. Would you ever consider creating your own cookbook? What is your favourite food to cook?
JIN: I think that to publish a book is a bit hard and I would like to continue using our blog to share all of our recipes to our fans. I like healthy foods, like salads, and chicken, but the food I don’t like is something I have to cook for all of our group members. Especially when it’s for all of the members, as it’s very hard.

As for Rapmonster, being the leader of the group you must have more difficulties than the other members. What is the most difficult thing as a leader?
RAPMONSTER: For me to handle all seven people is a bit hard as I myself am a hard to handle person, and it is really hard when we are all together and for me to lead.

During one of your Bangtan Bomb videos (Lets Test BTS’s Nerve) J-hope was the only member who jumped out of his skin. Do you have any big fears?
J-HOPE: After our new show “American Hustle Life” I think I come off as more of a coward. I’m afraid of lots of things, but when someone shocks me suddenly it’s a bit scary, and I really don’t like things that jump out suddenly.

Suga has shared photos and shown off his photography skills to his fans. Whilst other idols have created their own photobooks do you have any plans to release your own?
SUGA: I like taking pictures and posting them on the blog and online, but for a photobook I don’t think it’s appropriate for me to make it yet. After I study and learn more I could possibly think about it and give it a go, but for now I have no plans to publish anything. I’ll just use the blog.

Jimin is known as being the dancer of the group and throughout your videos you share with your fans you are always seen dancing. What is your favourite dance style and dance move?
JIMIN: I like lots of different dances, like popping, hip-hop and urban dance. But my most favourite dance movement is the gun dance we use during “We Are Bulletproof”.

During the practice video forJust One Day (Appeal Version) V is seen laughing throughout the whole recording. What happened to make you laugh so hard? It looked like you was having all the fun by yourself.
V: During the video I was laughing a lot because of Jimin, Rapmonster and J-hope as they were making faces and messing around. I wanted to stop laughing myself, but it was too funny.

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This question is for Jungkook. You have already reached a point in the Korean music industry where your name is known worldwide. This has been achieved in very little time (one year). Where do you see yourself in the future and what would you like to achieve by then?
JUNGKOOK: Thank you for knowing that we have worked hard for a short time and that you like us a lot. I am curious about many things in my life and in the future I will continue to be curious and explore other areas and do other things.

You each have your own background as rappers, vocalists and dancers. If you could swap your position with another member of the group who would you choose and why?
SUGA: I would choose J-hope because he just does what he has to do and is bright and funny, and he dances really well.
J-HOPE: I would change with Rapmonster because he is a nice cool guy, his rapping is great and he can also speak great English.
RAPMONSTER: I would change with Jungkook because I’d love to try to be the vocal within the group.

Through your Bangtan Bomb videos online you have given fans a glimpse of your lives, but if you could feature as a group or as individuals on any Korean variety shows, which ones would you pick?
J-HOPE: I want to be in some realistic shows or a programme that gives us our own show. Like American Hustle Life.

What about the variety show Running Man? It’s very popular within Europe. Would you go on that?

J-HOPE: No, I get tired, very tired (decides to act out his tiredness with some very exaggerated hand movements and panting, which was followed by all of Bangtan laughing).

Everyone has someone who inspires them to be where they are today. If you could choose someone who you look up to and who has inspired you to follow your dreams, who would you pick and why?
RAPMONSTER: Kanye West, Nas, all because they do amazing rapping.
JIN: Kanye West, yes.
SUGA: I have lots of people who inspire me, but through Kanye West I learned the culture of hip-hop.
V: Yes, I’m the same, same!

Your music and fashion style started off a new generation of music in the Korean music scene, but what kinds of songs are you all listening to at the moment? Who are your current music obsessions?
RAPMONSTER: Do you know Kendrick Lemaar and Ab-Soul? Trey Songz as his new album just came out.
V: And Tenashar.
JIN: And Chris Brown.

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After a little bit of chatter whilst we packed away our gear the boys lined up against the wall ready to take some group photos. They posed professionally and well rehearsed, until we asked for a silly pose, then all hell broke loose ending with laughter all around. We bowed and said our goodbyes. I was upset that 30 minutes alone with them didn’t feel like enough. They each had their own stories they wanted to talk about, and it seemed that they were relaxed and just as happy to be meeting us as we were to meet them.

I would like to take this opportunity to say a very big thank you to BigHit Entertainment for allowing us some time with the boys, and for treating us like one of the crew members. To the staff of Kpopnonstop and Kpopmagazin for inviting us and for the absolute amazing organisation of the interview and showcase on a whole. The Korean Culture Centre of Berlin for allowing us the use of their beautiful garden to hold the interview, and for showing us around the centre filled with the majestic history of South Korea. And of course to the Bangtan Boys themselves for working extremely hard in the very hot weather, for laughing and joking with us, and for giving a moment of their busy and tiring schedule to hold this interview with us. It was also a nice touch that they all tried to speak English, and for that they have our respect.

Be sure to check out our Press Conference coverage and look out for our “RWEL8?” Berlin Showcase coverage which will be coming soon. For now be sure to pop onto the MCM Buzz Facebook Gallery and check out the rest of the pictures taken during our interview!

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