Attack on Titan Prequel Light Novels, Guidebook and Spin-off Manga get English Release

Attack on Titan Prequel Light Novels, Guidebook and Spin-off Manga get English Release

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Good news for anyone still hungry for more titan toppling action, as both Vertical and Kodansha Comics USA today announced a horde of Attack on Titan titles for English release!

5cb8d28310a5b146101bac67d0a4ffa71377011499_fullFirst, Vertical announced their plans for the release of the Attack on Titan: Before the Fall light novel series. Set 70 years before Hajime Isayama‘s original Attack on Titan manga and its smash hit anime adaptation, the series follows a number of different protagonists as both they and mankind struggle to adapt and survive when faced with the monstrous Titan’s onslaught. The first of the novels begins with the story of Anheru, a craftsman at a workshop creating weaponry and protective equipment for the Survey Corps. Tired of seeing his comrades die and despite government movements to dissolve the Survey Corp, Anheru tries to devise some new equipment that would allow the humans to combat Titans more effectively, as so far not a single one has been killed. Written by Ryo Suzukaze and featuring illustrations by THORES Shibamoto, who previously worked on the Trinity Blood manga and anime, the series began publication in 2011 and saw its third volume released in June 2012. Vertical plan to release Attack on Titan: Before the Fall in North America during summer of 2014.

Kodansha Comics USA have picked up the manga adaption of Attack on Titan: Before the Fall by Satoshi Shiki (Daphne and the Brilliant Blue), which began serialisation in Shounen Sirius magazine in August of this year and is set for a spring 2014 release.

aot-junior-high7b2f32b8f21a496cf0b466615c75d1791380637030_fullNext up from Kodansha USA is Attack on Titan: No Regrets, a side-story focusing on the past of the ever popular Captain Levi of the Survey Corp, along with his early days in the military. The manga features scripts by Gan Sunaaku, a writer for Nitroplus whose recent works include Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet. Whilst the manga has yet to fully debut in shoujo manga magazine Aria until November, an English release is expected to debut in summer 2014.

Also from the publisher is the comedy spin-off manga Attack on Titan: Junior High. Saki Nakagawa re-imagines the cast of the original series as students and teachers at Titan Junior High School as they face off against Titans in this new setting. As if that wasn’t enough, the Attack on Titan Guidebook: INSIDE & OUTSIDE containing concept art, colour pages, papercrafts, character designs and other information will also see an English language edition.


Attack on Titan: Junior High will see a spring 2014 release whilst Attack on Titan Guidebook: INSIDE & OUTSIDE is set for summer 2014.


Sources: Kodansha Comics TumblrCrunchyroll, Anime News Network

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