xxxHolic gets live action TV adaptation

xxxHolic gets live action TV adaptation

xxxHolic gets live action TV adaptation

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The popular manga xxxHolic is set to get a live TV adaptation in 2013 on Japan’s WOWOW premium station. 

 The manga follows the lives of a strange shopkeeper Yuuko Ichihara and her unwilling assistant, Kimihiro Watanuki. Yuuko isn’t your ordinary shopkeeper, the things she sells are things you can’t really get anywhere else. Think Stephen King’s Needless Things, and you have a pretty good idea. Everything comes at a price, which is where poor Watanuki is drafted in as being Yuuko’s assistant after he asks her to remove his clairvoyant abilities. 

The manga is also synonymous with Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles, which follows Syaoran as he tries to regain his princess; Sakura’s memories. The two manga’s cross-over, seeing Yuuko and Watanuki aid Syaoran in his quest as he retain’s Sakura’s memories, while following their progress in the shop. 

There are not many details about the Live Action adaptation as of yet, but the leading roles have already been released. 

 Famous model/actress Anne and Shota Sometani will play the leading roles of
witch Yuuko Ichihara and the clairvoyant Kimihiro Watanuki

Article by K. Cooper

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