Tiger and Bunny Go West

Tiger and Bunny Go West

Tiger and Bunny Go West

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VIZ Media has posted a preview of the English dubbed Tiger and Bunny due to arrive at Western shores soon.  Tiger and Bunny is also due to have a film release in the UK on September 23 in London. 

Wild Tiger is an veteran superhero. Comfortably middle aged, with a wife (deceased) and child, Tiger holds onto his old morals of superheroes being full of ‘justice and courage’. However other superheroes only seem to care about getting the job done. When Tiger is paired up with newbie Barnaby Brooks – a younger, sexier hero with the same power as him – the two form a love/hate alliance. Now Tiger must learn to co-operate with his new partner ‘Bunny’, and as much as he may hate it, this means occasionally letting someone else take charge! 

The English dub cast so far (alphabetical by Actor):

Yuri Lowenthal as Barnaby Brooks, Jr. 
Tara Platt as Agnes Joubert 
Kari Wahlgren as Blue Rose  
Wally Wingert as Wild Tiger 

The dubbed opening scene of the Tiger and Bunny anime. 

Article by K. Cooper

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